Course… Koudum?

After a couple of cups of water, I got all the stuff left in BEA out of her. I had to take her over some stones. Every kilo more would mean a bigger risk of damage.

Before taking her into the water, I tied her to the shore to make sure, she wouldn’t swim away.

With the temperature, it wouldn’t be possible for me to get her back swimming… I would probably freeze.

But then, everything went really fast. I took her over the stones, just once I had to set her down. Then she swam. Oh, what a great feeling.

The hard part was to get my stuff back into my little girl.

The only point, BEA was connected to the shore were the stones. This itself wouldn’t have been such a problem, if I wouldn’t have to climb over those stones with all my stuff.

It was kind of gymnastic – and not the fun one. And since I wasn’t that much of an fitness guy… well – not at all – it hurt. That I should probably think about changing that got clear, when I hung somewhere between BEA and the shore, trying to get both closer together just with my legs.

The whole thing got quite funny – well, at least if anyone had watched it – when I untied the lines. Now she really wanted to swim away – and I almost had to jump aboard a shaky, moving boat.

As fast as possible, I started rowing. Of course, I would have preferred sailing. But, like you know, the weather wasn’t right for that. And before getting in more trouble (today), I would row happily. And, thinking about it – I wouldn’t mind having no more trouble while to hole voyage.

So I rowed. Even thou I didn’t like rowing usually, it was kind of good for me. Cause this way, we were at least back on the water, moving. Also it helped that the sun was still shining.

At home I didn’t realize that often how big the impact of the weather on my mood was. But out here…

Shortly after I had left the channel, I felt the waves again. But it was okay – not to much. I could even row against it, but since it wasn’t necessary, I didn’t do it for long.

Another reason was, that I was still exhausted from all the pulling.

At the entrance of the channel, I found a Marrekrite Berth. I liked the place and decided to get ashore. Just for a little break and some pictures and to pee. It wasn’t far till Koudum, so time wasn’t a problem anymore.

But when I got ashore, there was a big surprise waiting for me: At this berth, it was allowed to camp! Yay!

I had a map of the marrekrite berth were camping was allowed out of the internet, but this one hadn’t been on it. But it was so beautiful around here….

I didn’t have to wait for long to decide what to do. Well, I didn’t have to think at all. I loved this place – I would stay!

Putting up the tent was harder then expected. The wind was still strong and there was no protected area. Putting up a tent in the wind with wind force five to six – alone – isn’t easy. The tent was much more likely to dance then stand still where I wanted it to. It even almost flow away! Well, just a little bit, but still…

So I made sure it was tied to the ground and afterwards got all my stuff inside. But still, the wind had decided how my tent was standing.

I hadn’t got all my stuff inside when the next surprise was waiting for me.

And old, traditional motorboat was coming up – directly heading towards where I was.

It was the first boat beside BEA I saw on the water – and it took the berth right next to her for the night!

I might have expected a lot – but having a boat on a lonely berth, right next to me in my first night while winter time… well, that was definitely not one the things I had.

After they tied up there boat, the crew of the vessel took a ride on their bikes to the town near by.

While they drove away, I cooked dinner. Pasta. With some garlic, it tasted quite well.

Also I made some notes for my blog. Like last year, I wanted to do so every evening. It was a nice way of ending the day.

But it was hard to stay focused. It was just so wonderful around here (and yes, I know that I say this again and again – but that cause to me it is like that…). Again and again, I saw out on the water, and enjoyed the view. I relax. I will stay. At least as far as the weather (and my time) makes it possible. It didn’t matter anymore that the voyage, I had some kind of planed wasn’t an option anymore. Who needed a planed voyage in an area as beautiful as this? Everything would find its way. The only thing important was, that I would be happy. And I was.

After I had eaten the last, already cold pasta I enjoyed an nice sunset. But afterwards it got cold and I went inside, into my warm sleeping bag. Before falling to sleep, I read a little bit.


The events in this post happened on 08th March, 2015

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