Frisian winter

Or: Sailing, when (almost) nobody else does.

Well, now it’s done: My second sailing voyage with BEA, my beloved little inflatable Sailboat. At the end of the last voyage, I wasn’t absolutely sure if there would be one more with BEA. But, well, what should I say? It didn’t take a lot of time to realize, that I wanted to do it again.

And, that I want to say: I did it! And – it was great!


When I started thinking about this voyage, I planed it for later in the year – maybe May. Sounds great – warm. Also this why I could have spent my birthday at the sea. But it came lake it had to be. I had my free time in March – not may. But still, I wanted to sail.

And that was, what I did.

Of course, it was a different sailing. It was impossible for me to sail long distances. I had to worry about to much wind, no wind, wind out of the wrong direction (well, or just the wind at all…), no open toilets (a huge problem sometimes!), frost (or deep temperature at all) and some other trouble. Short: A voyage you might want to call an adventure – and a lot of fun.


While the next weeks, I will publish part by part the story of my voyage.

Since I’m posting it in German since end of March, for the first time there will be a lot coming up in short time. I don’t want to say to much to early. But one thing:

This time, I left the safe (safe?!) inland waters behind I went out to the sea! And this way, I came a step close to where I want to get. Cause you know, I want to…

But wait! Let’s not jump to the end. Let’s start with my Voyage through the “Frisian winter”!

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