My first Sailing Voyage

It was in September 2012 when i got my first taste of the cruising lifestyle.

And today I can say: it left it’s marks on me. Back than, I planed to write a little bit about this experience. But I would need 2 years and 5 month until I published it early this year on my German blog.

For it to be said: Of course I didn’t remember everything – but luckily I still had some pictures.

A big “Thank you!” to Klaus, who welcomed me onboard of his sailing vessel “Nine”, a 30” beauty.

On the 18th September 2012, after a long train ride Klaus welcomed me onboard and showed me around. After dinner my first night onboard a boat started. And the feeling of sleeping aboard was just great – the smooth moving of the boat…

On the next day, we left Andijk and sailed to Medemblick. It was a nice sail and Klaus let me steer his boat. It was a completely different experience with a big boat like this than worth the little open sailboats, which I sailed before.

I just got my “SBF Binnen” – a germen sail- and powerboat license and thought I would know how to sail. But there I learned that I knew nothing – and this would not change, no matter how much I would learn.

Medemblick was a nice town. Old buildings, a lot of water, many boats, some new some really old…

While dinner, we looked to all the boats (especially the huge, old sailing ships) coming into the port.

Enkhuizen was our next goal. After breakfast, we started for the longest sail of my first, little cruise. All the water and boats around me… I loved and love it!

Enkhuizen was as nice as Medemblick. Beside the buildings and boats, there was a fest, something a lot of people and even some horses where part of.

On the way back to Nine, a bird pooed on my head – I had to go and take a shower immediately. It was just… Urgh!

At the next day, we already had to sail back to Andijk since I had to leaf the day after. It was a beautiful sail back, I already knew that this wouldn’t be the last one, what I didn’t knew was, that it would take my two year till the next one – or how huge the impact of this cruise on my life would be.

Back in Andijk, some other sailors visited us aboard. It was a nice evening.

At the next day, I had to drive back to Germany. It was my first – but for sure not last – sailing voyage and I loved it.

You want to see some pictures of the voyage? PRESS ME


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