Some more problems

I didn’t sleep well that night. The wind, howling in the trees had got my out of my sleep again and again. Even now, in the early morning hours, I heard it loud and clear. But, at least, it wasn’t as strong as before and therefore not as loud either.

Or did I just get used to it? I didn’t know it, but it also didn’t really matter. I wanted to get started. Get out, on the water, sail!

Don’t even think I would have forgotten about the worries, I had the day before. No, I was still not sure if it would work like I had imagined. Okay – exactly like that maybe not, but if it would at least work someway. But I had to know if my little girl could handle with the reef system I had thought about more than wind force 4. Not knowing it got me more and more crazy.

And so, after I short breakfast, I got my stuff together. The weather was great, blue sky, sunshine.

It even felt warm.

I got BEA out of the harbor rowing – after all the time I had last time, I wouldn’t have tried sailing even if the wind would have been strong enough.

Out on the channel, a strong wind took BEA and myself. It was kind of like sailing – just without sail… fast enough to steer my girl without rowing. But I want to get forward and get up the rest of the rig and than, the sail so I rowed to get faster through the bridge. Just behind the bridge, I got to the riverside and tied BEA up. After getting the rest of the Rig on it’s position, it was time to set sails. But not completely – I ignored the spriet and bound the part, now just hanging around to the mast.

The Wind is around as strong as last year when I sailed on the Sneeker Meer – and almost broke my tiller. And fore sure, I hadn’t forgotten that.

So this should better work.

A little bit nervous (or, well maybe more than just a little bit), I untied the lines once again. I just have to try. After just seconds, my girl starts to glide. Wow! With just around 50% of the sail area, that’s quite something. I have to be concentrated, but it worked!

She was lying good in the water, I just had to sit on the right side so she wouldn’t capsize. To be fair – I would have been happy with a little bit less speed. Usually, my girl didn’t glide even with the full sail area… or at least not for long. And now, she did this exact thing with just around 50%….

But hey, it did work! The voyage could go on like I had imagined!

Way to fast, we came to the end of the channel. In just seconds, my girl will have to work with the first waves. Nothing big – but still. If she can manage this, then I believe she can manage all the voyage. So please, please…

The second we left the channel waves got to BEA. I felt them taking my little girl with them, ignoring my trying to sail straight forward.

Now I have to find the entrance to the next channel fast – otherwise I would have to row. It just took me a couple of seconds to find what I was looking for.

By this time, we already drifted away quite a bit. I tried to sail against the wind, but by this time, we had almost reached the shore – the wrong one. So I pushed the tiller and tried to sail a tack. Otherwise I would be in the reed. And I definitely hadn’t planed that. This was just an option in case of emergency…

But BEA didn’t get through the wind. One second, she was moving, the next second she just stood there. Well, of course she didn’t just stand there – she was still adrift – but she didn’t move through the wind! Fuck!

As fast as I could, I creped the wooden paddle and started rowing. With all my power, I tried to get myself out of this situation – the wind getting us adrift to a shore wasn’t a good thing, that was for sure.

But when I just managed to get on top of a wave, the next one got us even closer to the shore – and not away from it. This way, I could buy myself some time, paid with power… but that’s it. Fuck. That’s kind of exactly what I was afraid of.

Well, not exactly, but somehow…


Then, a squall got into the sail, pressing us the last meters to the shore and into the reed before I had time to react.

With a strong bump, we stood still. And this time for real – BEA didn’t move anymore. Even the waves didn’t move my girl anymore.

As fast as possible, I got the sheet lose and knot the sail to the mast. This way, the wind couldn’t move me anymore into this shit….

Now, having more time than I wanted, I started thinking. And looking around.

It was quite beautiful around here. Sure, I was in a bad situation, but still…

The sun shining, some animals playing around, making funny noises, the wind, whistling in the trees, the waves hitting the shore… it was beautiful around here. Really beautiful.

And in all this beauty, there was me and BEA. Aground. Fuck.

By time, I took a deep breath – and drunk some ice tea.

Well, this could get funny.


This happened on the 8th of March, 2015 in the Netherlands, Frisia.

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