Starting problems

And that’s how it started…

A little bit before 5 pm, I reached Warns. Just yesterday, I asked Han, the Harbor master if it would be okay for me to come today. The day before, I hadn’t know for sure if this voyage would happen. There were still some things I had to figure out – but now all was good. Well, almost everything. With a little bit or anger, I watched at my clock. I planed on being here two hours ago. One hour ago would have been okay. But this? I was way behind my time plan. I would have had time to put up the tent, buy some good food in Stavoren and somewhere between that to build up my boat. But I had been in a traffic jam for two hours. Now it was 5 pm – and that meant, since it was just the beginning of march, that the sundown was soon. To soon. I had to hurry. Fuck.

After taking a deep breath, I got out of the car looking for Han. While doing so, I saw all those beautiful sailing vessels standing there – on land. Such beauties… it felt wrong to me to see them on land. They belonged into the water!

An empty port has it’s own beauty – but I felt kind of sad, seeing all those boats on land. This way, it was impossible for them to do, what they did best: Sailing!

But, well, that’s the way it is and in the end, it was okay.

Finally, I found Han’s brother in the next port – “Stormvogel”. He told me to get my stuff out of the car and he would look for Han to tell him, that I had arrived.

In the meantime, I got down. It was the way it was – and I still had enough time! The only thing I really had to get done today was to put up the tent. And for that I had way more time then necessary!

Now, not stressed anymore, I managed to enjoy the beauty around me. The sky, the water, even the boats on land… all just great. Especially the water… even though it was just some channels, knowing that I – I! – Could do a sailing voyage with my boat from here was…. Impossible to describe.

After a look to the sun, getting closer and closer to the horizon, I went back to the harbor “De Vrijheid”.

From my car, I took three kit bags – I tried to get trough with two but didn’t manage to reduce myself in such a short time – and brought them to the place where I had put up the tent last time.

Before I had time to put up the tent, Han arrived. He remembered me immediately – the crazy guy with the inflatable sailboat. I’m surprised and happy since it had been a couple of years since I had been here.

We talked a bit and he showed me where I could park my car for the time I would be sailing. This was a bit tricky since the boats I saw standing on land would get into the water while this time – or, well, at least some of them. While doing that, Han showed me how I could get much closer to the camping area with my car which helped a lot – this way, I didn’t had to take my boat all over the harbor, the way was much shorter.

After that, I finally put up my tent. It went well – I had expected to be slower after all the time.

The sun almost touched the horizon but there was still enough light. Instead of enjoying the sunrise, I decided to build up BEA. Today. It felt important to me so this was the right thing to do. So, instead of enjoying the evening, I pumped air into the tubes, got the bottom into my little girl and, finally into the water. For and inflatable here age – 37 years – she is holding the air well. I’m proud of this (and, well, everything else about her…).

Like last year, I threw her into the cold water – just that this time, the water was really cold.

When I tried to get her, rowing, next to the tent in the water, I had some trouble. Wind and water had her and played. We floated through the port, the rowing wasn’t enough to keep her course. Desperate, just following a feeling, I took the heavy wooden paddle. And: It worked. Well, not good, without the sword, my little girl was lot shaky but still, we managed to get her to her berth. But even with the wooden one, it was hard to row her. With every time I used the paddle, the tried to turn 180° around! That wasn’t fun – I had to row on one side, than the other, than the first again and so on…

The weather report had told me that it would be about wind force 7… in the port less, I think, but still, a lot. And without the sword and the rudder, my girl is easily afloat.

In the berth, I was luckily well guarded by two bigger boats, protecting my girl from the wind.

By this time, the sun already touched the horizon. It was a really beautiful sunrise. But I wanted to get ready, I just looked for it for a short time, took some photos and then got back to BEA.

I put up the lower Rig-Part and got the Sword, tiller and rudder in position.

After doing so, BEA is way less shaky as before. While doing so, I looked again and again to the sunrise. So beautiful…

Enjoying the sun getting up and down is one of the things I kept after my last voyage with BEA. Before my first voyage with her, I hadn’t paid a lot of attention to stuff like that – but since than… There is no sunrise as another one, all are unique and beautiful. Well, at least when you can see them – and on this day, you could.

After sunrise, I went to the toilet to fill some water in the two 15 Liter canister I had brought with me for this purpose. 30 liters – that should be enough for quite some time. I didn’t know how may ports would be open (and how often I would like to use them). Already at 7 pm, it was dark and soon getting cold. Fascinating, how fast it got cold after sunrise.

While lying in my sleeping back, I wrote some notes for my blog. Also, I ate some toast with chocolate crème. I’m to lazy to cook today.

I didn’t manage to be calm. I’m worried. The report for tomorrow was winds, up to force 6. This was 2 wind forces more than what my girl was build for. Sure, I had tested my personal reef-system, but that was on a little, protected lake with less wind. Would it work? I’m sure that I wouldn’t flip over, I had wind force six last year without full sail and this didn’t happen but still..

Would it be possible for me to sail with this kind of wind? And if not, what would that mean for this voyage? Sure, the day after tomorrow, the report was better – a little bit less wind. But…

Theoretical, it should work. But still, gut wasn’t sure.

To get some other thoughts into my head, I started reading a book, my parents got my for Christmas. I had kept it for this voyage. So now it was time to read. It didn’t take me long to get lost in the book, forget about my worries and fell asleep.

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