A bit of Sailing

When I woke up, I was freezing. Cold air had reached my skin, even through the sleeping back and several layers of clothing. Sunrise had began, I just could hope that it would get a little bit warmer soon. I got out of the cold sleeping back and outside the tent. Everything was white.

There is some ice on the jetty, walking on it would be dangerous. I couldn’t even reach my little girl. I have to walk carefully everywhere. This isn’t like yesterday just some frost – no, today it’s actually really white. It’s cold, I have to walk slowly – but still, I’m happy. The sun is shining! A great feeling on my skin – at least at those small areas not covered by two layers of cloth.

A soft breeze, that’s all the wind there was. I could sail. But where? The Sneeker Meer? But that was the wrong direction – against the wind. I would get nowhere by time. And I just had two days left before some strong winds would make it impossible for us to be on the water – even if it’s just rowing. No, I had to follow my plan. And that meant, that I would have to pass some bridges. A lot of bridges. And that meant rowing.

It didn’t take me long to decide. I would row. Not that I liked it – but I knew, I would regret staying at some point. After some Vla for breakfast, I got BEA ready to leave. Seconds before I started getting all my stuff onto her, an idea came to me. Why shouldn’t I sail to the first bridge? I knew that it wouldn’t be a problem to get the mast down there – I had it done the other way around last year. And this way, I could sail today – at least a little bit.

So I put up the rig, got all my stuff inside BEA, set sails and untied the lines. Immediately, the wind did its job and pushed us away from the jetty. It was… Perfect. I had thought I wouldn’t sail a meter today. Was I doing the right thing? Or should I stay and just enjoy some sailing today? I could stay on another island for the night – like the one I had stayed on last year. It was a beautiful place.

But when I reached the channel, I continued sailing northwestwards. I wanted to get to the sea. And I had just two days to do so. It was right – my head and my hart agreed on that.

The way would be doable on one day. With another boat – or at another time of the year. But now, with the short days and my slow boat? No.

I would have to be on the water at night to do so. And that wasn’t anything I would like.

Once again, I sailed across an aqueduct. Just the thought of sailing over a street is… Crazy. I like it.

Soon after that, I saw three young woman waving and smiling at me. Isn’t it nice to be the only one on the water – and that with such a great boat like BEA? I waved and smiled back.

At the point where another channel led to a harbor, I entered known waters.


But I was happy that i had spent the night on the island and not in an harbor. Out there it’s just beautiful.

I was surprised when I saw men, fishing in the channel – in the middle of the town! Way to fast I reached the bridge. Last year, this was the point where I put up the rig and set sails after changing my plans. There was one other way to Harlingen – one, at which I could sail a good part of it. At least while the season. Now I would have to call someone for every bridge to open – and I didn’t want to do so. So it was time to put down the rig. To do so, I tied BEA right next to the bridge. And soon after, we continued our voyage – rowing.

All event’s happened on the 12th of March 2015

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