A Story about weather and an Ghost Ship

I hadn’t slept well that night. The wind, shaking up the tent, even getting into my sleeping bag and the rain, banging on the tent kept me from a deep sleep.

If it just wouldn’t have been that cold, I could have managed the rain. But like that?

But now, the sun welcomed me to a new day. A couple of with clouds, beside that the sky was blue. Feeling the sun on my skin was great. But only the rain had disappeared. The wind was still strong. My tent stood on the southern side of the island – but I could hear the waves, hitting the shore on the north side. I didn’t have to sea the waves to know, that I couldn’t sail through that. But maybe row? Well, maybe. We will see. Trusting the weather report wasn’t an option. It was already half a week old – at this time of the year…well, I could just ask a frog – it would be as good as this.

I had Vla for breakfast – love it. Just soooo good. Afterwards, I took a book and read a little bit. It was a great book which really got me, so I didn’t bather (that much) that I couldn’t sail.

After some time, I got up again. The sun was shining I wanted to move. Now I missed a good weather report. How could I plan my voyage – or even just this and the next day, if I had no idea how the wind would be the next hours and tomorrow? I had no idea if I could leave this berth today or even tomorrow.

After being moody for a couple of minutes, I decided to think about some other things. A weather report is a nice thing for some planning. But at the end, I always have to decide within the conditions right now – and not what somewhere some people thought it would be.

And right now, the wind is to strong, the waves to high. So for now, I will stay. Maybe, if the wind changes, I could rethink this in the afternoon and then go to Heeg or Woudsend. But right now – right now I would stay. And since it looked nice around the island, I went for a little walk. All the puddles made this quite hard cause I don’t want to get wet feet. It’s to cold for that. At the end, I managed to get to a motor boat. It was tied to a lonely berth (well, all the berth were lonely at this time) but nobody was aboard. It looked totally empty, like if nobody would have been here for quite some time. And there wasn’t a boat name – or at least I haven’t found one. Was it possible that this boat was here for the winter?


After I was absolutely sure that nobody was aboard, I left. Soon after that, I reached the mainland. Just a really small channel – I could get over it without stepping into the water – was between the island and the mainland. But I wouldn’t get any further. There was a fence which I would have to cross to get anywhere – good to know in case of an emergency but that’s it. But I hadn’t the need to leave. It was nice around here. On my way back to the tent, I saw a little dingy with someone fishing out on the lake. Maybe this was the motor boat owner?

In the early afternoon, I finished the book I was reading. I have read almost the hole book on the island. Since it was about the effect of the internet and social media, that was pretty strange. Even so it was fictional, it got me.

I was lonely. And absolutely happy. This was my island, I could do whatever I want. Of course, there were laws and so on, but at this point of time, it didn’t matter. Being lonely can be pretty amazing!

So I just made myself some bread with choclet crème. Yeah, badass!

After I had eaten, I played a little bit on my trumpet. I hadn’t played for a long time and had planed to start again on this voyage. But when I realized that one of the trumpet valve’s didn’t move, even after using some valve oil on it, I knew in my heart, that I wouldn’t play again on this voyage. All I did was… okay, let’s be fair: I made some noise, that’s it. I tried to get some signals out but of this worked as I imagined? I don’t know.

When I went back to the north side a little bit later, I accepted that I wouldn’t leave this island today. Not sailing and not rowing.

Also I saw the guy who had been fishing driving his boat ashore. So he wasn’t the motor boat owner… It looked like the motor boat would be like a ghost boat.

I couldn’t believe it. A boat is something special – you have to love it! Who would leave something like that just here?

Since I hadn’t been there, I went to the western side of the island. I found a dead fish, lying on the jetty – no clue how it got there. When a traditional Netherlands sailing ship passed the island, I looked happily at it. Such a beautiful picture…

Around half an hour I walked around the western shore, then I found a bench and decided to sit down. There was a nice view I enjoyed very much.

Before getting ready for dinner, I had to do two thing. First, I wanted to get rid of the garbage of the last days – and, well, I had to poop.

I found the garbage containers locked. So I had to keep the garbage to myself – and dig a hole to poop. No, that is not metaphorical but exactly what I had to do.

After that was done, I cooked me my dinner. Again: Some sort of Pasta with a lot of garlic. But, I have to admit: At his day, it might have been a little bit to much.

The sunset was amazing. Beautiful. Perfect. The sun looked really big and not even one cloud as far as I could see.

Before I fall asleep, I realized that this was a great day. Nothing really happened – and still, I was happy this day had been the way it had been.

The events happened on the 10th March 2015

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