About a windmill and a gravestone

While continuing rowing northwards, I was amused by the green asses of the sheep. Why? I don’t know. The sun was shining, the nature surrounding me beautiful and no noises that didn’t belong to this place. No motors hauling, no people talking and running around, no of the sounds of civilization reached this place. Just some animals, the wind and me, rowing. I was happy. And somewhere around here should be a windmill.

It took me ten minutes to get nervous. Where was this mill? Usually they were big, I should see it from far away. Other then last year, I’m looking for stuff like that this year – I want to take the way I plan the first time. Even so I had no clue where I could have taken the wrong turn, I got more and more nervous. Where was it? Where? I had seen the top of the mill in Woudsend while sailing in the. Heeger Meer – and this time, the distance between the mill and me should be way shorter. A second I thought about turning around – but where should I go? My head told me that I was right. I had taken all the right turns. So there was no sense in turning around.

At the same time I was looking forward to see the mill. I like those – they are pretty. This one would be the first while this voyage i would see from close by. Suddenly I found it. It was almost right next to me. Between “where the hell is the mill?” To “right next to me” were maybe 100 meters. I had expected one of those huge windmills, where people could live in. This wasn’t one of those. It was just a little bit bigger then those, some people have in their gardens. All the time I had been looking for the wrong thing! Well, at least that explained why I didn’t find a thing.

But, well, I found it. And, to be fair: it wasn’t what I had been looking for – but it was a sweet mill. Nice to see.

Soon after, I reached Easterlittens. In this village should be a port and a camping ground. But would it be open? Even the preseason hadn’t started yet. And I hadn’t seen a single boat on the water since passing the first bridge in Sneek this morning.

It seemed to me like this was an area, not so much visited while season – so why should they be opened now?

And, while asking questions: Where was this port and camping ground? No matter if opened or closed.

I didn’t search it for a long time. Right in front of the bridge, at the end of the town, I found the port and the camping ground. The port was just one or two berth right next to the channel. But it looked like this would be enough in this area. So I tied BEA to the shore and went looking for someone knowing, if it was open. Otherwise I could row to the next village – there should be a port as well.

But that wouldn’t be necessary. I had only gone a couple of meters when I found the harbormaster. The camping ground and the port where together – and both where opened the whole year! Wow – especially an opened camping ground while winter…? Cool!

After paying 9.50€ for one night with tent and boat, he asked me if I would like to take a shower today or tomorrow. He would heat the shower for me – so he needed to know when to do so.

The channel was cold and taking a shower not with the cold water out there but with hot water in a warm bath… That sounded great – so I choose today.

He disappeared for a minute before coming back and telling me, that the shower would be heated in half an hour. I wouldn’t need money for it – it was for free, I had paid for an shower as long as I wanted with paying for the night.

I used the time be putting my tent right next to BEA – exactly how I like it. It’s hard for me if I can’t put it next to my little girl – especially when I can’t see BEA from the tent.

Finding my soap was harder then I thought – when I did, all the bags where empty. On my way to the shower, I stopped at the toilet (also heated just for me) to start charging my cell phone. It had almost no power left and since this was for emergencies, this wasn’t an option. But, almost a week with these temperatures… That was nice.

The shower was really warm it felt great. I could have stayed there for hours, just feeling the warm water on my body. But soon, the sun would go down and, being here probably just once, I wanted to see a little bit of Easterlittens.

Sneak Peak: This would be the only real shower on this voyage.

Now it was time for a little walk through the village. On my way there, I saw the harbor master and told him, that I was ready. There was no point in heating the shower anymore.

It was a really small village. No supermarket, no stores. Just a restaurant, a café and a ice cream shop. All three were opened. A café and a restaurant – sure. But an ice cream shop while winter? If I would like to have some ice, I could get it from my tent in the morning. But, to be fair: I thought the same with the camping ground and harbor.

Beside that, Easterlittens was an ordinary little village, I guess. It might be a bit dark, but a gravestone fascinated me. It wasn’t out of stone or wood – it was made out of glass, formed like the province Frisia I was visiting right now. For a second I thought about taking a picture but decided not to do so – this would be disrespectful.

For the way back I choose a small path right next to the channel. I was happy to see Childs playing outside; this has become rare in bigger villages. It’s quite around here, really nice. Like I had imagined it – beside the ice cream shop and the gravestone.

Back at the tent I made me some supper for dinner. Also, I thought about refilling my water – but why? I still had a lot of water left. So instead I sat in front of my tent and made some notes for the blog. It has become kind of a evening ritual to get what happened onto paper. I like it.

While writing, I saw again and again towards the horizon. The sun was going down and looking beautiful.

When the sun had disappeared behind the horizon, it got fast cold. The wind got the cold air through my cloth and I decided to get into my sleeping back. Outside, it had just become to cold to sit around and do nothing. After reading a little bit, I felt asleep.

All event’s happened on the 12th of March 2015

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