Craziness of a solo sailor

Rowing through Sneek, I realized that this town was quite beautiful. I would have loved to stay a bit and take a closer look. All the old buildings, the nature, birds singing in the middle of the city, people fishing in the channels… A nice picture.

Rowing northwards, I left town soon. It was the second time that I had visited Sneek, and still I hadn’t really seen it. Hopefully, I would get another chance. But now, I wanted to get to the sea. Without looking back, I rowed forward. The Beauty didn’t stop after leaving town – it just changed. Even so I like old buildings, it felt right to leave town and to be out, in the nature once again. I had to smile. Around me was a known picture. Someone had told me, that he thought cruising with a boat like BEA would be a great point of view cause it’s close to the water. And that’s true – yes. But: it’s not like if I would see that much. Most of the time on a channel, there was just the following to see: in front of me: Water. Behind myself: Water. To my right: reed. To my left: Reed. It’s beautiful. Not like the Sea. But I imagine that it comes close to the feeling like being far outside – like blue water. On the channel, I can’t see where the next humans are. It could be five meters or 50 kilometers – no difference, on the channel; it felt most of the time like if I could be the only human being on the world. The only other living beings around me are some fish and birds. I love it – being lonely can be such a great thing. Here, it’s possible for me to drift into my dreams. I continued rowing, even without thinking about it. No more bad thoughts – only joy and happiness.


I realized that I had to pee. It was perfect timing since I just came by a Marrekrite Berth, so I just tied BEA to the jetty and did what I had to do. I’m fascinated how the priorities can change while being on the water. Little things like having a place to pee can actually make my smile even brighter. Sure, I could get ashore everywhere. But that’s just for emergencies since it would destroy nature and possibly damage my little girl. And sooner or later, there always is another berth.

I continued rowing. Not fast, in fact, walking would have been faster. I could get further before sundown walking then rowing. But speed didn’t matter to me. I didn’t just want to get somewhere. Sure, I wanted to reach the sea. But the way was at least as important as the goal. I enjoyed it. To me, this is living. There was so much more then reed, water and a couple of little villages. There where so many small but beautiful things to see.

There were all different kinds of animals around me. On the water, the land and the sky, I could several kinds of birds.

From time to time, I saw some land animals. Like the horses which followed me a part of the way.

Behind a bridge, a funny picture waited for me. There was a bunch of sheep’s. But not normal sheep’s. Well, the sheep’s were normal, but there was some green color on them.

All the sheep had green Asses. I couldn’t help myself – I started laughing out loud.

All event’s happened on the 12th of March 2015

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