When I left the tent, I realized that everything was white. No, it hadn’t snowed. But there was frost everywhere. Also, it was foggy with just a little breeze blowing the fog away slowly. With a bit of luck, I might get more wind – then I could sail. If not, at least I could row. So, in any case, I could leave and continue my voyage. But I wasn’t in an hurry. For breakfast, I took my time, enjoyed it. After breakfast, I looked at the ice on my tent. Even if it wouldn’t damage the tent – it still would be absolutely wet in the evening if I would just pack it up like that. I knew, that the tent would try pretty fast – but well, there is a difference between a little bit wet and wet like if it would have been in the water.

I used my hands to get the ice of the tent. This worked pretty good but still started my hands to freeze. It was just soooo cold. I had to make a break, it was just to cold to do it all in once. A little walk, along the berth helped and by time, I was ready to leave. Now the fog had been blown away. And now, without the fog, the sun came out, shining on my cold skin. It got warm (at least it felt like that to me). I sat sails and left the berth.

I tried to sail for around 50 meters – then I started rowing. Only while squalls was the wind strong enough to move BEA. Sure – I have time. But I also wanted to get somewhere so rowing seemed like the right thing to do.

Since I had to move more on the tubes, I came to the point, where it felt like if the tubes would need some more air. With an inflatable as old as my little girl nothing special. I wanted to change that – but not while sailing and rowing on a lake. It would be possible but having a shore near by would be good for me.

Every squall using to sail, I got the channel. There where a lot of spots where I could tie my girl to the shore. At the first one I stopped. It was a good point to pump some new air into the tubes and after doing so it was much more comfortable to sit on the tubes. But still – pumping up a tube of an inflatable while it’s in the water – with yourself and all you have with you – is a, well, lets say unique feeling.

By the time I untied BEA, the wind hat gotten stronger, it was enough to steer BEA. Still, I decided to row and sail at the same time. It wanted to get to Heeg to get a new weather report. I had to plan for the next days. I want to get to the sea, but right now I didn’t know where… or at which day. All I could hope, that the wind wouldn’t be blowing from the north. Everything else – okay – but north? I didn’t want headwind…

Today, I wasn’t alone on the water. There where a couple of motorboats – I guess fishermen. Even knowing that it was still winter I was surprised. It was such a beautiful day – that nobody used it for a nice sail…

Like if someone would have heard my thought, I saw after some time a sailing boat. Or should I say sailing ship? It was one of those old, traditional Netherlands sailing vessels with two masts. Very elegant.


Rowing was the right decision. It was already 12 o’clock when I reached Heeg. And this was only the first part for today? I didn’t know at this point, where I would sail after that. But what I knew was, that I had to get to a good place for the night and put the tent up… well, before night.

The harbor was full with big ships and mega yachts. But while walking into town, I had forgotten my camera. So there are now pictures of that. And walking back for that? Naaa….

The tourism office had opened and I got my weather report. Today is the last day with eastern winds. So I have to get as far east as possible. And Lauwersoog – my secret dream goal was impossible.

And I didn’t want to take the way leading over Boldward towards Harlingen. Harlingen? Sure, it’s a nice town. But I wanted to take a different way then the last time. And there was just one other way: I had to get to the Sneeker Meer – today! This would get hard with the time I had left.

Buying some food didn’t take me long and soon after that, I was bag in the port. The toilets were closed (grr) which made the decision to go on without a lunchtime before quite easy. Also, there was a construction side, so it wasn’t that beautiful around here either…


All event’s happened on the 11th of March 2015

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