I am Sailing

A fresh breeze pushed us out of the port, over the Heeger Meer and towards the channel. The wind is perfect. Not strong enough to worry me, but strong enough for a nice sail. It didn’t take us long to reach the channel. After around 100 meters (I guess), there was the Marrekrite berth at which I had stayed for a night last year. I had to pee and it appeared to me to be a good place for that. But I didn’t stay for long. Sure – it was okay around here. Not that nice, but also not bad. Just okay. And: I had around wind force two to three – perfect for a sail with my little girl! What else could I want?


I continued to sail eastwards over an aqueduct. This was a pretty special feeling for me – so sail OVER a street….

Soon after that, the wind got stronger and stronger. It was still okay, I could handle it – but it shouldn’t get more. This was more then enough – and I got a bit nervous. What if the wind would get even stronger?

So I made sure my knife would be ready to use. IF the wind would get to strong, I would just cut down the sail – and not even try to get it down normally which would be really shaky and risky.

Planning over the water, we reached the end of this channel pretty fast. At the next channel, it was forbidden just to sail. A sign told me, that I would have my motor at least as a stand by. But I didn’t have a motor – well, at least not in the common sense. But sailing back all the way, just cause of this sign? There was nothing of all that in the map and to me, this was reason enough to give it a try. The channel was long and straight, I would see and bigger ships long before they would pass by. I wouldn’t be anywhere in there way – so why not? As far as I could see – which was far – there was no ship. Spent the night in Heeg. Sure, it’s a nice village I like Heeg. But tomorrow, I would have to sail north towards Bolswarden – exactly the way I had taken last year. And, well, that was the reason why I had left Heeg before – so there was no way I was willing to sail back.

My decision was right (for me). All the time I spend on the channel, I was completely alone. No ship, no boat, no matter how big or small beside my girl BEA. And: It’s beautiful around here. Full of nature. This made it easy for me to keep a watch out for bigger vessels – looking around was fun! And it didn’t matter that I never saw one – it was great to be here.

Finally, I got to a place where it was allowed to sail again – without a motor. It was just at the right time – cause now a bigger ship came to me from behind. I made sure to get out of his way – no reason not to be friendly – and the Captain of the Sheep looked at me, smiling and greeting. And then, I was once again alone.

A lot of channels crossed here, it was kind of like a lake. I had to use my map to find the right one and I – yes, I, the guy never really navigating – even used the buoys for orientation. Now I really understood how helpful there numbers were. It was almost like if I would navigate…

Thanks to the fact that BEA isn’t a racer at all, I had more then enough time to enjoy the nature around me. And there was a lot of it. Just a little bit south of the next town, Sneek, I found a fantastic, quite and peaceful peace of water, perfect for me. Everything was good. Everything was the way it should be. I’m happy. It’s exactly that feeling I love so much….

Without any problem, I found the right channel. But it was a short one and soon after I entered it, I already was on the Witte Brekken. Now, I even could see Sneek north of my position. And: I wasn’t alone on the water anymore! A couple of fishermen where sitting in there dinghy’s, waiting for a fish to bite. They looked surprised when I passed by like if they wouldn’t expect to see anybody cruising around here at this time of the year. Why? They were there to!

The wind started to die, it got less and less. But I had almost reached my goal; there was no reason to hurry. So I just enjoyed the, even for BEA; slow sail north. The sun was shining and I didn’t know, when would be the next day like that – so I didn’t want to miss anything.

Almost at the northern end of the lake, I took a channel heading northeast. I didn’t want to get to a port in Sneek but to a Marrekrite Berth right outside the town. But to get there, I had to get the Rig down, there where a bunch of bridges in my way. But before that, one last squall pushed us over the channel towards the first bridge. What a joy – I was thankful for every second. It was like if the wind was saying good-bye for today.

I had to go to a toilet – or something like that – again. But around here, there were to many people and I wouldn’t just pee somewhere in a village. So I started rowing towards a port, through some bridges, leaving the houses behind myself toward the Berth I was looking for. There should be three – three! – Around here. But: Where? I started looking at the western part of the… well,, let’s call it a lake. For that, but there was berth at all – I couldn’t tie BEA to the Shore there and, for sure, wouldn’t be allowed to camp.

So I turned around and rowed back, heading southeast. There were two jetties, which looked good to me. And: There, on a little island directly at the entrance of Sneek, I found the berth I was looking for. It was legal for me to camp there. And it was nice. Almost unbelievable.

But: It wasn’t a quite place. The sounds of civilizations came all the way over the channel to the Island. It wasn’t at all like the peaceful place I had found at the Groote Gaastmeere. But it wasn’t that much of a problem. The ducks still were louder then the civilization with it’s cars and humans.

A great day was going to its end. I had enjoyed it very much and just could hope, to have some more like that while I made my dinner and made some notes for the blog.

All event’s happened on the 11th of March 2015

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