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The night hadn’t been as cold as the nights before. It might have helped that I had become used to the low temperature but that wasn’t everything. Out of the tent, I realized that there was less frost then the nights before.

But the reason why I was very happy was another one: The sun was shining! Blue sky – perfect. Again! The weather god must like what I do – I mean, that much sun in the Netherlands would be a rare thing while summer. But at this time of the year?

While breakfast, I ate most of the bread left. I would have to buy some new bread. It would last till evening but then, I would be out of bread.

Around 9 o’clock I untied the lines and continued my voyage northwards, towards the sea. Thanks to all the bridges I couldn’t sail it’s all fine. I’m sure that I will reach the sea today. The sky is blue, I’m on the water… it’s nice.

After some time, the soft breeze grows to a bit stronger wind, but it was still all good. Wile rowing north, I came by a windmill near by the channel. I like those.

When the channel turned east for a short distance, I had to row against the wind. It was exhausting, I had to work against the wind and the waves, pushing me back again and again. The second I would stop rowing, we would float backwards. At least, I manage to steer with my butt so I just had to row at one side.

Wile working my way up east, I saw two policemen, looking at me from the shore. Strange – what could say possibly want? Are they just curios? Want to take a look at BEA?

Whatever it is, I have to continue rowing. The wind has gotten stronger. It took me around 5 minutes before I was close enough to the policemen to talk to them. Since they had waited for me, I was sure that they wanted something. But what? I couldn’t believe that they would tell me that I would have to end the voyage. Why should they? I did nothing illegal… And I had seen other boats on the water – just not today. Maybe they just wanted to give me a weather warning? Or just curiosity?

Then they asked me to get to the starboard shore – which meant to them. Since I still had to row against the wind, this took me some time.

First they wanted to see some identification. The first thing in my hand was my boating license. When giving it to them, I saw a little smile on their faces – hopefully a good sign. He wrote down some stuff about me – name etc. I guess. I wanted to know it – so I asked what this was about. With a grin in his face he explained me, that there wouldn’t be that many people on the water with a yellow inflatable, making a voyage while winter. If I wasn’t freezing at night? My answer was simple: I had the right equipment – so it was no problem. Since I looked fit, (I wouldn’t believe it if the hadn’t said it…) they were fine with the answer. But still, one of them gave me his phone number and asked me to give him mine. I should call if any problem should come up. They were really nice – but I couldn’t help myself but believe that part of the reason for all this was, that they could identify myself If some empty, yellow inflatable and a dead, human body would be found.

I had given this a lot of thought before the voyage – but still, something like that gave me some bad thoughts. But still, I was happy that it happened. The police had been nice and helpful; it felt like they would be happy that I enjoyed my journey that much. This was, what I took from this – and the phone number of a policeman for emergencies.

All event’s happened on the 13th of March 2015

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