New day – New plans

I woke up pretty early at the next morning. I was looking forward to the things to come so I left my warm and cozy sleeping bag soon after. Outside the tent, it was like if I still would be dreaming.

The sun shining, a smooth wind – perfect for my little girl, everybody else wouldn’t even put up the sail but for her, this was the perfect condition. There was still a little bit fog, but soon this would be gone. Even so it was still early in the morning, there wasn’t much fog left. Soon, there would be no more fog and already now, the view was good enough to sail.

Surprised, I realized that it had been really cold at night. The water on the grass was frozen! It must have been lower 0°C.

I washed my hair with the water out of the channel. This was a short shower – it was cold. Very cold. I used my bailer to get the water out of the channel and over my head. But still – cold.

And when I almost didn’t feel my head anymore, I soaped my hair just to repeat the water part afterwards. After drying my hair a little bit with a towel, I felt like newborn. After this was done, I got all my stuff into BEA. Luckily, I wasn’t hungry at all. If it was just the great weather or the fact, that I hadn’t anything to eat beside pasta and supper, I didn’t care. I was happy that hunger didn’t lower my mood.


It was just beautiful around here.

With my sail completely up, I left the berth. While passing by the traditional motorboat, the crew told me that today would be as good as no wind blowing. Perfect for me.

I prefer slow over not untying the lines at all or – even worse – to take a not planed bath.

My new plan was perfect – simple. Just little routes, always with the wind – or at least not against it as far as possible and if necessary rowing. And whenever possible, I would choose channels over lakes. Not what I had planed – but this way, I could actually have a nice voyage – without to many problems.

At the bridge at the north end of the channel, I put down the sprit. With just 3 meters I got through the bridge – there wasn’t more then one or two centimeters left between the mast and the bridge.

Behind the bridge, I started rowing. There where two reasons for that: The first was, that there was almost no more wind behind the dike which was next to the channel I continued my voyage on. The other reason was, that I got hungry. And before eating anything, I first had to buy something I could eat!

So I had to get to Koudum. And for that to happen by time – I had to row.

The first thing I realized after arriving the harbor was that the hole port was kind of a build site. It looked to me like if they would build some new jetty.

Great for those coming later this year. But for me this meant, that I was really lucky I had found the marrekrite berth yesterday. Camping here wouldn’t have been fun.

An older man, working on his powerboat, told me where I would find the next grocery store. The way to the store wasn’t that nice to see. It wasn’t ugly or anything – but just nothing special. Almost boring. But maybe, it was just the wrong part of the town?

Besides bread and cheese, I bought Eierkoken (for today!) and Vla (for tomorrow…).

This was something I had been looking for. Vla. I love it. And the vla you can buy in Germany just didn’t taste like the one here. It was just… yummy.

After walking back, I was sitting in the harbor, my legs hanging down the berth. I was enjoying my breakfast. Two pieces of bread with cheese, one liter cocoa and Eierkoken. While eating, I thought about where to go. There were just two options. First I had to go east. But then I could go north to Workum. But since I didn’t want to stay there tonight, I would have to go south-east afterwards to reach the Groote Gaastmeer where i would find some Marrekrite berth which I could use with my tent. Workum was a nice town – I believe – but it was a long way to go to the Groote Gaastmeer if I would visit Workum. You have to consider – with normal conditions, BEA reaches around 2 knots. And, after Workum I would have to work against the wind. In the afternoon. Who knew how the weather would be by that time. Everything looked good now, but I didn’t trust the weather.

The other option was to follow the channel to “De Fluezen”, a Lake near by. Than I would have to row a little bit against the wind before sailing the rest of the way to the Groote Gaastmeer. The good thing about the second option was, that it wasn’t as long as the first one. The way I would have to work against the wind was almost the same so this wasn’t an problem. The chances of a weather change was, thanks to the shorter way not as big as with the first option. But there was also a reason against it: I would have to sail a good part on a lake – not just the last meters. So I would have to worry about waves. After yesterday, that wasn’t something I would be looking forward to. The nature would be great with both options – that I was sure of.

When I untied the lines, I still hadn’t chosen. But I knew – getting the sail up would have been a waste of time. There wasn’t any wind blowing around here – and no matter which way I would chose, I would have to row the first part.


The events happened on the 9th March 2015

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