Sails up and down

It was almost to late when I reached the berth. As fast as I was capable I tied BEA to the berth. I went ashore to… well, you know what I needed to do – fast.

It felt so good. It’s just amazing how such little things can be so important – and make someone so happy! Sometimes it’s great to get rid of something.

I decided to take a look on the island. I had been here once before – last year, waiting for better weather while some strong rain and wind. While looking around, the dark clouds on the sky went by and made place for some white clouds and even blue sky. Happy, I smiled.

Beside me, there where two people on the island. They where from the “Marrekrite”, getting all the berth around here ready for the next season. When I asked them, if they would already have the 2015’s Marrekrite Pendant, I got a friendly but clear answer: No. They wouldn’t be sold before the 1st of April. I would have loved to buy the new one – it’s just such a great thing, those Marrekrite Berth. But well, it seemed like it shouldn’t be. Maybe – if I would manage to get back here this year, the next time.

However, this meant that I already had the right one – I had bought my 2014s while my first voyage.

When I came back to may little girl, the wind wasn’t as strong as it was before anymore. It was almost smooth – good for an nice sail. So I decided to set sails – and use the good weather as long as I could.

There where still a lot of white clouds above me, but whenever the sun came through and touched my skin, it felt great. So great – warm.

With quite some speed we moved towards the next island. Also one from the Marrekrite association. But – shouldn’t she be more south? I took a look on my map. Yes, if I wanted to get to the channel, heading to the Groote Gaastmeer – what I wanted – I would have to sail more north.

Thanks to the fact that north in front of the wind, that was no problem. At the same time I made sure not to sail that much north yet – I didn’t want to get in any trouble with the shore… that was a lesson I had learned the hard way.

It was a great sail and a lot of fun! BEA almost flow above the waves. But, well, the wind got stronger and stronger again. Like when I entered De Fluezen, dark clouds headed my way. And I? I didn’t like that at all. So I decided to get to the next island and take down the sails. Safe is safe. And maybe, it would be allowed to camp there. I didn’t believe it – but well, you can hope…

The waves, hitting the shore loud gave me something to worry about. I just could hope not to get in trouble like I was the day before. Well – at least around here, it would be not that much of a problem to get BEA to a Berth and me ashore. But still – that wasn’t something I would have liked.

I managed to tie BEA to the berth without problems. But there was one problem – one I had with the berth: Everywhere was bird fecal. Maybe it was once black or brown. Or blue? Or Grey? Well, it was impossible to say. Now it was something between grey and white – cause of the birds.

But while tying BEA to the berth, I also almost touched into another kind of fecal. Dog fecal. Disgusting. I just didn’t get dog owners which left something like that right here, where people would touch the berth to tie there boats to the shore…

To be sure, I washed my hands in the lake before I took down the sail.

When we managed to get away from the berth, I took a deep breath. For once, I was now sure to get away from this shore. But also, the air didn’t stink anymore. Now I rowed north. The dark clouds where close by and I could just hope to get to the marrekrite berth where I could camp before it started raining. It wouldn’t be funny to put up the tent while raining. Or to wait for better weather.

When we were north of the island, the wind suddenly got smooth again. But that was just cause of the island. When we got further north, away from the northern island shore, the wind got stronger again. But this time, it was not a problem at all. The wind and waves took BEA into the right direction – I wanted to get north and this was the way they took us.

When we entered the channel, this almost ended. The wind still helped a little bit – but not much.

I was happy that I hadn’t chosen the way which would have got me first to workum and then to the Groote Gaastmeer. With all the wind, rowing against it all the way from Workum to the island I planed to get to wouldn’t have been anything like fun.

Even so, the way over the Groote Gaastmeer wasn’t that much fun. The waves took us up and down. The up part wasn’t the problem – but down…

BEA fall down from the waves almost every time which made it hard to row her – and not comfortable either. But still, it didn’t take us long to reach the islands. But after arriving, I was shocked: There was a sign, telling me that camping would be forbidden. No – not really! Or?

But there where some more Marrekrite Berth around here and I decided to check them out. To do so, I had to row east. But the next sign told me the same thing. Fuck. I couldn’t help myself but to say some well… some not so nice words. I got myself to this point. Should that be it? All for nothing – camping forbidden? But wait – there was one more place. Before jumping to conclusions, I should check that one out!

This time, I found a nice, safe bay which I rowed into. Could be worth a look. And, at least it would be a good point to start searching for the camping area by foot.

But that wasn’t necessary. The second I rowed into the bay, I saw the sign: Camping allowed, up to three nights.

And: The place is perfect! Well protected against wind and waves and beautiful.

I had to look a bit for a good place to put up the tent – the ground wasn’t that good for this purpose – but I managed to do so.


While the sun came closer and closer towards the horizon, I made some eggs. But, stupid me, I had forgotten to buy milk and onions. All I had was eggs, salt, pepper and, well, garlic. A lot of garlic.

There would have been a wonderful sunrise – if, yes, if there wouldn’t have been all those clouds. Just minutes before sunrise, the last blue spots disappeared.

But this couldn’t smaller my happiness.

In my tent, I made some notes about what happened today – for me and for my blog.

Today was a great day. Not always easy – most of the time was hard work. But I felt so happy right now – this was, what life should feel like.

I had to think about how this voyage should go on. I still wasn’t sure how it would work out. But, however, I knew that this wasn’t the most important thing right now. I was happy. And as long as I was happy (and had time), I would go on. The second I wouldn’t be happy anymore or the weather would make it impossible for me to go on, I could always end this voyage. But till then – I would enjoy every second.

And if I had to row most of the time – so what? Sure, it wasn’t sailing. But this didn’t change the fact that I had been happy all day – even when I had to row.

After some time, I got to sleep with a big smile in my face.

The events happened on the 9th March 2015

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