An Afternoon in Harlingen

After my experience in the Wadden Sea I spent some time reading and relaxing. But in the early afternoon, it was time for something different. So I got up and walked into the old town. I found myself on a market with lots of stuff people where trying to sell. Of course there where flowers, fish and cheese. But first I needed a new weather report to make the decision when I would leave Harlingen. After walking in the wrong direction first, I found the tourism office close to the market. Inside this office, there was an public computer with internet. I used it to get the weather report from a page I chose. The internet told me the same as my “Weather girls” had – it would become sunny next week. But I also learned about the wind, which was even more important. And I knew that I wouldn’t leave tomorrow. The day after? Propably, even with the wind still not being good for me then. But at some point I wanted to leave. I talked a bit to the women, working at the office. I had to get some ideas what to do tomorrow. There were some great possibilities but I didn’t want to decide before tomorrow morning.

After around one hour I left the office. The market hadn’t endet yet and I walked over it once again. I didn’t want to buy flowers. Or fish. But I wanted some cheese. The guy selling it spoke fluend german and helped me to decide. I wanted something old, well tasting. He advised me to try Brokkel, a Cheese, really old, made in North Holland. But before I could buy anything he cut a piece from it and gave it me to taste. And it was great. I knew, this was what I had been looking for. So I bought a piece. Interesting, how good a 36 month old cheese can taste.

I still had to buy some bread, the supermarket was close by. But first, I had to do something different. Or well, two thing. I also could have bought cheese in the supermarket. Not the same, but it still felt wrong to walk into it with the cheese. So I brought it to the tent. After all the walking around, I found it immediately. The times I didn’t know where I was were over.

Now I wanted to get away from all the people once again. This was to much for me right now so I went out of the town towards the sea. What a beauty. It was a little bit after high tide, the sea was still close to the shore. The wind blow away the great smell of sea air which was sad, but still, the beauty was more then enough to start dreaming. And I? I was happy.

After some time I walked next to the sea back into town. It had become evening, if I wanted to buy bread I had to do it now. After leaving the grocherie store, I stood in the Zuiderhaven – and saw Mollys. I had planed to cook. And not to buy some fries at Molly’s. But well, Molly’s… is momories. And it really tastes good. I had there the best Patat (Fries) I had eaten in the Neatherlands. And hey, this is vacation! So I just went into the place and bought a “Portie Patat met Mayonaise” and ate them right there. It was nice to look out to the ships and the lock which lead to the sea. And then there where those great, old buildings around. I knew that at some point – even so I didn’t know when this point would come – I would be the one sailing through one of the locks in Harlingen out to the sea. Or maybe coming from the sea side to Harlingen. With my own boat.

I thought about, why Harlingen ment so much to me. Sure, a lot of it was emotional. But it’s really a beautiful town. All those old, historical buildings. And those boats, some older then one hundret years. And some looking even older – but in a good way. And then there was the sea. There were so many reasons to love this town.

I had eaten and left. It had been the first day of this voyage without the sun shining. But still, I was happy. It had been a great day.

Now I went, very slowly, back to the tent. Around this time, the sun was going down. But this didn’t matter since it was impossible to see.

I made some notes about the day which helped to process what I had experienced. But then I got tired, my eyes closed and I fell asleep.

All event’s happened on the 14th of March 2015

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