At Sea

After I finished breakfast, I headed towards the sea. As much as I would have loved to sail out there, especially with my own boat, this wasn’t possible. BEA wasn’t built for that, even on a good day. And today, the wind was quite strong.

So I took the veer. But before, I had to wait around one hour which I used to just sit on a bench and look out to the sea. It’s so beautiful.

Finally, I went with a bunch of other people aboard.

It was a fast veer so I had to stay inside. I would have loved to feel the air in my face, smell the salty air and hear the sounds of the sea, but at least I could look outside.

Even inside the port, the veer moved fast, but after leaving it, I wasn’t sure if this still was driving or already flying. It was just so fast!

I thought with lots of respect about the captain of this veer. I guess you have to be quite good at this to steer a boot through the Wadden Sea with such a Speed. My hart started speeding up, emotions were going crazy. I was out at sea! Not just standing on a dike or walking through the mud. No, I was outside, on a boat. Sure, not as I imagined it. But still, I was outside! What a great experience!

I looked out of the window like a little child, impressed by the beauty of the sea. The next 45 minutes went by like a second.

The veer moved way to fast, soon it would reach Vlieland. The window, meters above the sea, was wet cause of the speed. But I was happy to be out here. When even the huge Veer started to swing, I was happy that I hadn’t tried to go out here with my little girl BEA. The only reason why I might not have capsized is, that the right might have broken before.

The where buoys right next to the boat which catches my attention. Then I saw Vlieland. An Island, seeing it the first time between the grey clouds and the grey sea…

But now the Veer was between Vlieland and Terschelling, the swinging got stronger. Even so I enjoyed it, it gave me a little bit more the feeling of being on a sailboat, my respect for the Crew got even bigger. This was the reason why I didn’t go out to the sea with BEA. The Sea is not just beautiful but also very powerful. And on this winter day, she had decided to show a little bit of her strength. Not even that much, but still, enough to proof that she wasn’t one of those little lakes I was used to sail on.

With every second, I could sea more of Vlieland. The beach, a little bit green behind it…

We left the area between the islands and the veer stopped swinging. At least almost. I could hear some passengers exhale. The Veer port of Vlieland came closer and closer, then the veer stopped. We were there. I had’t expected it to be so… emotional for me. Sure, I couldn’t remember the last time I had been out at sea with a boat. Have I ever been? But this wasn’t a sailboat. Oh, who am I kidding. This was a veer, nothing else! All I did was sitting behind a window in a warm room, looking outside. I haden’t smelled the air, felt the cold wind blowing in my face, the sea, throwing me around, keeping me busy. But I loved it, just knowing that I had been out at sea was… impossible to describe.


I left the veer with all the other passengers. Well, Vlieland, what are you going to show me?


All event’s happened on the 15th of March 2015

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