Four Weathergirls for me

“Hoi”. The word came to me over the Mud. Surprised I looked to the two young and, well, good looking women which friendly smiling waved at me. I wasn’t sure. Could they actually mean me? So I looked around but couldn’t see anybody else. But what could they possibly want? I was full with mud, my hairs not washed, probably smelling bad even against the wind. Not that I would be that much of the women’s men otherwise, but like this? But, well, with a big smile I walked towards them. Of course just to be polite. So I answered with a “Hoi” myself. Now they knew that they had my attention and started talking to my. It sounded really nice. They seemed to be friendly folks. So I enjoyed the moment. It’s not every day that good looking women come up to you, talk to you happily while you look like… well, the way I looked at this moment. But then it was time and I stopped them. Feeling a little bit sorry for not saying it right away I said: “Do you speak English or German? Sprecht ihr Deutsch oder Englisch?”

They looked very surprised at me. It was almost like if I would be an alien. Once again, I was happy to be here before the season started. Nobody even considers you to be a tourist. Cause, you know, the tourist don’t come until April.

“English, no problem. Where are you from?”, they answered.


They obviously where surprised, it was all over there faces. Laughing they explained me, that “the Germans” usually wouldn’t come that early in the year. But it didn’t sound like if it would be a problem for them. The only thing this seemed to be to them was a surprise. But then they got themselves together and asked me something. So I learned the real reason why they talked to me. And of course it wasn’t my good look. Or the great smell of hard work and mud. No, what they were really interested in was… birds! They wanted to know if I could tell them which kind of birds where out there, where I had been. They hadn’t gone out as far as I had. And, well, I knew the reason for that. But, even so I felt sorry, I was surprised. Sure, I had been further out as the other people. But not that much, how the hell could I have seen the birds that good? And, to be fair, even if I would have been, I probably couldn’t help them. I have no clue which kind of birds it could have been. So I tried an easy answer: “Birds?”

Well, it came the way it had to be: They started laughing. But it was a nice laugh. But now I wanted to know more so I asked them for the reason they where interested in this. So I learned that they where students. For there university they had to go in all different areas of frisia and look at birds. But they weren’t realy interested in birds. Horses? Yes, horses they thought where great. But birds? Well, they had to learn some stuff about them, if was part of the education they were getting. So they were here and doing what they had to do. They were just telling me about there life as students when, once again two other good looking women in the same age started talking to me. And, you probably already guessed it, they talked to me in Dutch. I really should learn this language.

The two students I already talked to and which knew that I hadn’t understood a word of what the two other had said started laughing. But then they got themselves together and, before I had a real chance of saying anything, they told them that they would have to speak English since I didn’t speak Dutch. Then they explained me, that those two where part of there group. They looked even more surprised then the two I had meet first. Well, the little joys of… well, doesn’t matter.

After they learned about my voyage, they wanted to know where I had been. And since I don’t miss a chance to talk about sailing and especially my voyages with BEA, I started telling them. But when I came to Sneek, they stopped me. If I would have any pictures of birds. Of course, birds. Again. So I looked. Five heads over my little camera was a little bit much but it somehow worked out. It where almost one thousand pictures. And in this almost thousand pictures, we found two of birds. And those weren’t good enough to be sure which kind it is. This was sad cause with good pictures, they could have missed Sneek and spent the afternoon with me in Harlingen. But now they had to go to Sneek. Therefore they had to go to the train station. And since I wanted to go back to the harbor we walked together. First, I went into some grass to get the biggest part of the mud out of my trousers and my boots, then we walked into the town.

It was great to be with some nice people and have some interesting talks. Also they where quite helpful and gave me a new weather report. But in this second, they could have been mean, ugly guys. Cause they told me that the sun should come out again next week. I just had to love them for this message!

At the train station it was time to say good bye. I was surprised when they kissed me on the cheek. I definitely didn’t smell as bad as I thought. Or they where even more friendly then I had expected.

After they had left I went back to the port, got out of my trousers and started washing them. It was warm inside the building which was great. It wouldn’t have been nice to wash them into the cold water of the canals.

-No pictures this time. The reason is quite simple: I respect the privacy of other people. And i don’t have any pictures of this periode of time without well… at least one of the four girls. And to be fair, i had something else in my head at this point then making photos for the blog.

All event’s happened on the 14th of March 2015

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