A day on the water

Once again, i had to row. And not just that I had to row – time was an issue. At least, I had to get to Witmarsum. And most of the way, I would have to row against the wind. Now this of course meant, that the progress would be slow. And I didn’t even know if I could stay there – it was very early in the year, the season hadn’t started yet. Who knew, If the camping ground would be open yet. My arms did hurt while I worked my way down the canals. It was nice around here – I would have enjoyed it, if the wind wouldn’t have been against me.

Next to a view nice houses which looked, like if some wealthy people would life there, a women talked to me. She seemed to be nice so I went with it. It was just a little break but talking to people is always good – helps not to get to crazy. At the end, she offers me to take my garbage. This was great since I had a bit with me. Most trashcans had been locked – at the Marrrekrite Places and the ports. Soon after, I continued my voyage, rowing. I remembered this part from the last year. It’s nice around this area. But with wind… But well, at least it was a sunny day! I rowed through the next village. I like it, it looks like if tourism hadn’t touched it yet. A second I thought about the possibility to stay a bit, take a look around. But there was no time for something like that so I continued rowing. After that, I had to row directly against the wind for a long time. It was very exhausting and even so I tried, there seemed to be no way for me to stay in the wind shadow – basicly cause there was no such thing as a wind protected area. When I saw some sheep’s eating grass right next to the canal I copied the way they moved the mouth. It looked kind of funny – even so I belive the only way I looked was stupid. But hey, I had my fun! The sheep’s obviously thought that I would have gone totally nuts – at least that was the way they looked at me. And maybe they where right? I gave them the same look back and they followed me to the next fence.

I’m tired. Exhausted. It was a lot of work rowing against the wind. And: I have to go to the toilet! Or well, just pee…

But now, the worst part is done. From now on, I wont row against the wind anymore. Not with it, but well, that was okay. I already started to be happy about that when I saw the next village – even so I knew that it was still quit a way to go.

A view little Motorboats came by, greeted me before they disappear behind me. Then I took the way towards Witmarsum – now the wind actually came from behind! What a great feeling…

But than, I had to row against the wind once again – not that much anymore but still, I had hoped that this wouldn’t be necessary anymore.

When I reached Witmarsum I knew that I would have to stay. It was to late to go to Makkum or Bolsward – the next two city’s where I possibly could stay. So I tied BEA right next to the camping ground, walked by the wind mill, a little bit through the village and onto the camping ground. I already kind of knew that It was closed – the back door, leading to the berth where I had tied BEA was locked. But well, you can hope.

There where actually people working at the camping ground. This was the good part. The not so good part was the fact, that it still was closed. The women I talked to seemed to be sorry for me – but even so I explained that I didn’t need energie, a shower or even just a toilet, just a place to put up my tent, there was no way she would allow me to stay. This was a problem cause, you know, I had to stay somewhere.

Back at BEA, I took out the map and looked at it. There must be some place where I could stay! There just must be!

But Bolsward is to far away to reach before darkness. And Makkum would be even further away. No, Witmarsum was the only option. A young woman stopped her bike right next to me and asked, if she could help. When I told her my situation, the told me that there was a B&B right inside the village. But she didn’t knew exactly where it was. Together, she on her bike and myself with BEA, we went back into Witmarsum and looked for it. As far as she knew, it was somewhere right next to the canal. But even with our four eyes, we couldn’t find it. At the end, sunset was coming close, she told me about a spot right outside the town. There would be a place, where the way right next to the channel would get bigger. Sometimes people would make a break there. It would probably be the best, if I would row there and stay there for the night – there should be enough place and since I tried everything (hey, I even looked for a B&B – even so I prefer camping!), she would be sure that this was no problem.

I had just put up the tent when the woman came back for me. She wanted to look if everything was okay.


After she had left, I enjoyed the sunset. It was really beautiful – and the women had a great taste in camping spots. This one was really beautiful. It was absolutely protected from the wind, blowing from the east since there was a forest in this direction. It was right next to the canal, so the distance between BEA and the tent was small. Last but not least, there was more than enough place. And the nature around… it was beautiful around here. Way more beautiful than the closed camping ground or the impossible to find B&B – I guess. At the end, it was a great evening.

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All event’s happened on the 16th of March 2015

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