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Okay, I decided to go a little bit faster with this day. After re-reading around 5000 words just saying that I loved the nature and the sea on Vlieland, I decided that this might also work a little bit shorter. I know I love the sea you know I love the sea – so no need to write five post just me, walking around somewhere at the beach, talking about all the thousands of little beautiful things I found on the way which where just perfect.

After following a way, heading northwards for some time, I decided to get back to the beach. And since there was something, almost looking like a way, heading towards the dunes, I just went there. Somewhere between the way and the dunes, I found some shells! They looked special to me – not the small once, now, those were bigger then most of the others. I had an almost empty plastic bag, which I emptied, into my bag before putting the shells into the plastic bag. When I got back to the sea, I smiled. It was just so beautiful. I was happy that I had gone into the island and I would do it again today, but this mix, little inside the island and some sea… yes, this was good. Around here, I found some nice shells to. Most were broken or nothing special but some… My eyes jumping between the sea, the ground and everything around me I walked westwards on the northern side of Vlieland. I was happy were I was right now. Yesterday? Who cares? Tomorrow? The same. It was just great right now and I enjoyed every second. There was almost no more tourists around here. The only humans beside myself were a group of local teenagers, driving around in their Jeeps. Why they did that? I don’t know…

I don’t know how long I followed the beach, but finally I went up onto the dunes again. What I saw on the other side wasn’t that beautiful. Hotel’s tourist houses…

But there was one crazy thing to: A bird, reminding me of a turkey run around up here! I only can guess where it came from – it definitely wasn’t an animal naturally living around here. Maybe it run away from one of the hotels kitchens?

It seemed to be scared of me so I went down the dunes and walked now eastwards along the beach. But after just a couple of meters, a way let away from the beach – and I followed it.

I had to walk over some kind of camping ground before losing every idea of where I was. Now I was lost – and it didn’t bother me at all. The nature around me changed from the camping ground to a forest. There where a few tourist with bicycles driving around. I also found a group of locals, playing soccer. But then, suddenly, I was outside the forest and somewhere in the middle of a lot of bushes, which had thorns. There was just one path through them, which I had to follow. Away from it, I would have run into the thrones – and, well, that would have hurt. The path lead to like a little hill from where I had a fantastic few. This seemed like a place where not sooo many tourists come by – and it’s just beautiful. I wouldn’t find it again myself since I was totally lost.

I followed the path, which led me back into the forest. The only thing I had to keep track of where I was that feeling inside me, telling me even after all the times I had changed direction where I went. North, south, east, west. And it helped. I had just left the forest when I was back at a point, where I had been before. At my dear friend the horse. And – well, he still got me! After a quick chat, It was me saying good-bye once again. After walking away some meters, I looked back. There he was, looking with his eyes, thinking whatever he though. Instead of taking the way towards the beach, I decided to go in the other direction. If my feeling was right, this would get me to the southern side of the island – without having to walk against the wind at the beach. The nature around here was nice to see and aver some time, I reached the farmyard, the horses belonged to. And there it stood: Island horses. Well, I might have been right!

From here, it was just a short way to the yacht harbor. It was a pleasure to take another look at it before slowly walking back towards the veer port. But instead of going inside the port, I went once again to the tourism office. I hoped to find a post cards I would like this time – but, I don’t have a clue why I thought it would be different – there were still just those boring once I had seen before.

There was still some time left before the veer would leave (it wasn’t even there yet) so I went into town. I actually managed to do all the stuff I wanted to!

But the first thing I saw wasn’t that pretty. I had walked away from the main street and… not so nice. The buildings where old – at least some of them – but not in the good way like beautiful old buildings. Now, this wasn’t like a nice old village. I was surprised. Was it possible that this was the village – the only on one this touristic island? Unbelievable.

But then I went left and left again and found myself back on the main road. Yes, this was what I had expected – nice, peaceful, beautiful architecture. Suddenly, a woman spoke to me (yeah.. this doesn’t happen that often). The surprise was: She asked me if I could speak German of English!

Of course – I’m from Germany and I have learned some English (how good – well, you should be capable of telling by now). I found out, that she had actually thought I would live here – I guess the best compliment a tourist can get. But even so this might have been nice for me – not so much for her. Cause she wanted to know where a street was. And I didn’t even now which street I was on right now! So the only thing I could do was to wish her good luck.

I went back to the veer port – slowly, but still… Since the road wasn’t that long, it didn’t take me long to get there. In 50 minutes, the veer would leave. Instead of walking to the beach and back, I just sat down, made some notes for my blog and looked out to the sea. Yes, it was cloudy. And yes, instead of sailing with my own boat back to Harlingen, I would have to take the veer. But that didn’t matter. I was here – right next to the sea, on an beautiful island. And I would be at sea soon once more. And tomorrow, I would, I everything worked out as planed, continue my sail. I was happy. I was at the sea. And that was all that mattered to me.

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All event’s happened on the 15th of March 2015

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