Good bye beloved sea

Before breakfast, I got my stuff together and ready to leave. I wanted to be ready so that I wouldn’t lose that much time later. At… what’s done is done. Some sweet rolls, milk chocolate, Vla…. Yumi. It wasn’t until I sat at the veer port, looking out to the sea when I realized that I had forgotten the cheese. Well, there are worse things in live. Vla and the sweet rolls are a great breakfast so there is no reason to go back just for the cheese.

I enjoyed the view very much. It was…. Magnificent. Unbelievable. Really – I mean it. absolutely great. The emotions when I had seen the sea for the first time of this voyage hadn’t been as extreme as last year. But saying good-bye was way harder. It felt to me like an impossible thing to do. It wasn’t before I decided to make a stop at the camping ground and take a look at the sea from there for a last time of this voyage when I managed to get away. Without this decision, I probably wouldn’t have left Harlingen at this day. It’s just… I love the sea. It’s not just some “yeah, nice to see”. It’s… absolutely perfect. No matter what’s the weather, the sea is just magic. So huge, I can’t even think of a good word to describe it. Thinking of the sea, a lot of words come to my mind – but all of them aren’t strong enough to describe what I felt and feel even just by the thought of the sea.

Back in the port, I got my stuff into BEA. Well – at least I tried. Just after I started packing the stuff inside of her hull, some people started talking to me. They are very interested in my voyage and talk to me about my experience of the region they are living in. It’s a great talk and they offer me some coffee. I refused – for once, I don’t drink coffee. The other reason was, that I had to go. I had a tied timetable. Before I untied BEA – one hour behind my timetable (well, I had been behind before even coming back to the harbor) they invited me to visit them the next time I would be in the area.

While rowing through the town, I had headwind almost all the time. This was strange since I was rowing south and the wind should blow towards west. I guess, the canals catch the wind and change it’s direction. It’s hard work but doable. And all the great boats o the left and the right… Just beautiful. This is one of the reasons why I love this town so much! It’s a real harbor town. A town like if it would be made for sailors.

When I left the town, it got easier to row. The wind came from the side, not from the front anymore and wasn’t as strong as before. I had to row through a few bridges so it was impossible to sail. But, to be fair, even without the bridges, the wind was too strong to sail.

When I reached the camping ground right outside the city, I tied BEA to the shore. I knew: If I could, I would stay here. Just the thought of the sea…. Well, it didn’t get easier. But this was the reason why I had decided to stop her. I just had to see it one more time. And here, at the camping ground, I couldn’t stay. Sure, there was some personal around. I even talked to them – if it would be okay to tie BEA to the shore. After all, it’s still private ground. That was no problem – as long as I wouldn’t stay that long. Cause… the camping ground was still closed. And this was the reason why I had risked this. It had helped me to leave Harlingen – and since I couldn’t stay here, I would have to continue my voyage. My love of the sea was fighting with my love to sail and be on the water. Isn’t it ironical? I’m really looking forward to the point where those to can be combined instead of fighting against each other. This did hurt.

When I stood on top of the dike, I saw out to the sea. The view was way better than from the veer port. Here, I could the that it was low tide. Beautiful. So I could see the Watt and the sea at the same time. Perfect. All I did was standing there, enjoying this very moment, taking every second inside of me. And: not looking at the clock. No matter how long it would take, I would take the time my heart needed. Whatever this would mean.


Like I said – I don’t know how long it took me. But it came the time when I turned around and back to my little girl. Even so I was looking forward to continuing my voyage, I couldn’t stop the tears. I just love the sea. And I already missed her.

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All event’s happened on the 16th of March 2015

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