Out there

It was time, the veer had arrived. Soon, I would leave Vlieland. So I went up the stairs, turned right and sat down.

I heard the engine, the veer untied the lines. While we were leaving the port, I saw some people going through a door and upstairs. But… Upstairs was afloat!

Well, I didn’t want to miss that for the world – so I followed them. This wasn’t one of those fast veers – here, it was allowed to be up here. And it was… magic.

The salty air, the cold wind in my face, the waves… Unbelievable beautiful.

The boat, shaking in the waves gave me the feeling of being at home. This was where I belonged.

It didn’t take us long to reach the area between the island. Here, the wind was very strong, I could lean on it without falling. The shaking of the veer got stronger, most of the people went downstairs. But it felt so great!

I was happy. What a great feeling!


A couple of minutes later, I saw another ship in this blue-grey cloud which surrounded me.

It was a Tall Ship, old, historical. It was sailing. And it was something I couldn’t look long enough at.

It’s the blue one, I had seen it before – in Harlingen, tied to it’s berth.

Most sails weren’t set but with all the wind, this was logical. The next thing that happened, I had expected even less: A second Tall Ship came out of the grey! Two traditional Tall Ships – in the middle of March? And on a day with such bad weather? What a great thing to see!

I would love to be aboard of one of those tall ships right now. And not just standing there but working, helping the crew to sail one of those beauties.

Even just looking at those two was like a dream.

After some time, the tall ships disappear in the grey and I followed the other downstairs. It had become cold up there, the wind and the low temperatures…. I didn’t wear the right close for that.

I had just made some notes when I saw a fishing boat passing close by. Wow – there wasn’t much room between the veer and the fishing boat!

Seconds later I stood upstairs and took pictures. The fishing boat was out of sight after a short time but I stayed. It was just beautiful, standing here, enjoying the sea. I wanted to enjoy this, no matter how cold it was.

Somehow, I started talking with a woman. She was living on her boat and showed me, very proud, a picture of her ship on her Smartphone.

We had a great talk about the sea, being on the water, the Netherlands, and the winter. I learned about swimming outside in the winter, her life aboard a ship, a live with the nature. The sea.

I almost didn’t realize when we reached Harlingen that we were already there.

We already said good bye and I couldn’t see her anymore when I realized, that I didn’t know her name. And she didn’t know mine. But this had been no problem – we had a great talk.

Slowly, I walked away from the veer port and into the city. I had planed to cook. But after a few steps, I knew that I was kidding myself. I didn’t want to cook. I wanted to go to Molly’s. I enjoyed my last “Portie Patat met Mayonaise” for this visit of Harlingen before I walked back to my tent and got ready to sleep. It had been a great day. I’m happy.

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All event’s happened on the 15th of March 2015

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