Single handed Sailors have Superpowers!

It was just perfect around here. I enjoyed my walk along the dunes very much. While approaching the northern side of the island was something special for me. Looking out to the sea – there, where no land was near for hundreds if not thousands of miles.

But I also wanted to see something of the island itself – not just the sea.

So when I hit a little road I turned my bag to the sea and followed to road. Behind the dunes, there was a lot of life. Plants, mostly small bushes, everywhere. If I had left to road, I would have hit one just after a couple of meters. Or even sooner.

But after maybe two or three minutes of walking, I met someone. Well, not just one. There where a bunch of horses right next to the road. And they were… nice to see. Islanders, I believe. But I didn’t know it for sure since I hadn’t really that much knowledge about horses. They looked curios at me – and I looked back at them the same way. The second they realized that I hadn’t any food for them, they turned away. But not all of them. One horse stood by me and continued looking at me with something, almost looking like a smile. Just such a nice boy (or girl?). Well, since he seemed to be a good listener and I like to talk, I decided to take that chance. Beside my chat with the girls I had met the day before, I hadn’t any real conversation since I went to the Netherlands. Just some short chats nothing real. But what should I tell him? Well, what could be a topic, I could talk to a horse about? Oh, sure – sailing!

So I decided to tell him about my little girl BEA, my journeys and the problems I had on my way. Again and again, he nodded. And: It seemed like if he understood me. What a wonder! Now it was proofed: Single handed sailing gives you superpowers! That was the only explanation for that – or which “normal human” has the ability to have a conversation with a horse?

Nobody! So yeah, that must be it….

I would have loved to touch him, he seemed to be nice but I wasn’t sure what the owners would think about. I knew, that a lot of horse owners didn’t like it that much if people touched their horses.

After I had told him all about my voyage, I looked at me with eyes, asking a question: “That’s it? Nothing more you would like to tell me?”

So I started thinking. When do you have such a good listener – just looking at you, smiling, nodding from time to time and who will, for sure, not tell anybody else hat you have told him?

Well, that’s rare! Then it got to me! There was one more topic just a few people knew about – and this wouldn’t change for some time. My plans! So yeah, this was something I needed to talk about. Since they are kind of secret, it was good for me to have someone I could talk to about them. And the best thing: He (or she…) seemed to be quite excited about them! Well, if that’s not something! I just loved this horse. Such a great listener. Trustworthy, he didn’t stop me talking even once, excited about what I said – and absolutely understanding. Well, that’s something rare….

But after around half an hour, I said good-bye. Even so he was such a cool guy, I wanted to see a bit more of the island. Maybe that a problem of mine – I met someone cool, talk to him a little bit and then leave – just to see some stuff. While I left, he (or she) run to his other friends – you know, the other horses.

Soon after I had left my new friend behind, I stopped at a bench. I was hungry so I took some bread and some cheese out of my bag and started kind of a picnic. From here I still could see my friend, playing with the other horses. A nice picture. He (or she) seemed so happy! And I was happy to. It was nice around here – even so I couldn’t see the sea.

By time, I finished the picnic and continued walking around without knowing where this would get me.

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All event’s happened on the 15th of March 2015

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