This Moment

It was around 8 o’clock when I untied the lines. The weather was good. The wind wasn’t strong and I decided to try sailing. There where a lot of bridges but I just needed some sailing. From time to time I still rowed a bit, just sailing was so slow that I wasn’t sure if I could reach my goal for today like that. At the first bridge, I decided to give a new idea a try. With just that little bit of wind, I got to the rig and just got it all together down. This allowed me to get it down fast – and also in seconds up and running again after passing the bridge. With more wind, it would become impossible but right now it worked. And I was happy. This way I could actually sail today!

I was surrounded by a beautiful landscape I enjoyed very much. Soon I reached the next village. It was small, beautiful. It all looked so normal. Not like a touristic town. Not everything was perfect, there were some buildings that could take a refit, some thinks just looked old. But this made this place look in it’s very own way great. It wasn’t like if it was trying to be something tourists would expect but a village just for the people who lived in it. The gardens right next to the canal where full of toys for child’s and not like a park. It was nice to row through this little town. I made a few pictures, enjoyed what surrounded me and then went on. After some time, I gave up on the sailing. There was just no more wind. And after rowing through a bridge, I didn’t put the rig up again. It didn’t help anymore but was in the way.


Rowing through a nice landscape might be not as much fun as sailing through it, but still it was something I did enjoy. I had plans for today so I kept on rowing instead of making a lot of breaks to enjoy the beauty.

After some time I reached a bigger canal, leading towards Makkum. My first goal for today. While entering the town I came by a few tall sailing vessels. It wasn’t like in Franeker or Harlingen. Those had been looking like commercial vessels. And they probably were. But this one right at the entrance of Makkum looked very much like if they would be private owned. Probably people where living aboard. It looked nice. And like if this would be a good place to life. Quite, in the nature, but also very close to a town. And, of course, on the water.

Then I was inside the town. And it was a nice town. A lot of old building, some views you could find on a post card, nice. But after I towed BEA to the shore, I didn’t go for a walk through the town. Well, somehow I did, but not to look at the buildings. Now, I went straight to the dike and then turned north. This was an idea I had got at some point between leaving Harlingen and coming to Makkum. I wasn’t sure when it came to my mind but this wasn’t important. To do what I had thought about would take time, time I didn’t really have. But it was important to me, it felt like if I would have to do it. To I walked north, out of the town. It was beautiful around here, the view over the Ijsselmeer was great. But I walked fast and didn’t gave the view the time it deserved. I passed by an old boat, a lot of birds and this beautiful view just to get a view minutes at my goal. After almost one hour of walking, I left the dike. There was a huge street I had to pass. I followed the walkway, passed by a place where the police trained there dogs and finally reached my goal. The reason why I had walked that fast and that far. I reached a dike. And after I climbed it up, I had the view I had been waiting for. The view, my hart needed. I looked over the Wadden sea once again. And it was absolutely perfect. The weather was good, there where no other people around and the air smelled a bit like salt.

I was happy. This was worth it, even so I knew that this had cost me time I didn’t have. But well, I just had to be here, at the sea, one more time. And this was the time. I ate an Eierkoken while looking out there. It was like if I would stop thinking and start dreaming. And that even so that I had relearned how to dream while my first voyage with BEA.

I knew that I had to go. Soon. No, not soon. Now. It was time, it was necessary. Otherwise I couldn’t continue my voyage today. And I wanted to do so. I gave the sea one last look. Then I shouted out: “I will be back!”

After that, I turned around, tears in my eyes and started the way back.

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All event’s happened on the 17th of March 2015

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