Vlieland in the Winter

The first thing i did after arriving on Vlieland was to go to the tourist information. I wanted to buy some post cards to send to my family. This was a touristic island – so for sure, they would have some nice ones!

Well, you might imagine that I was disappointed when I figured out, that all the cards they had where some paintings – no pictures or anything like that. The hole thing was a disappointment.

So after that I went out again. Following the coastline, I went out of the village. I knew, It would be impossible for me to see the hole island – I had just a couple of hours, so yeah… But there where two, okay – three thinks I wanted to see. First: The harbor. I like those….

Second: The sea – out there, the wide, open sea, for hundreds if not thousands of miles no land….

The third wasn’t as important to me as the first two. But I would like to see some of the nature on this island – not just the sea, also what’s inside. But this would have to wait. The first point I went was the port.

It wasn’t that far way from where I arrived. Just an short walk next to the waves, hitting the land.

The port was – of course – almost empty. There weren’t that much boats towed to the land. Just one of those big KNRM-Boats and some sailing vessels. But the sailboats which where there were beauties all together. One more beautiful then the other and nice to watch. They all seemed like ready for an ocean passage – if someone like me, having no idea what that actually means can say anything like that. The port seemed to be simple – not much unnecessary stuff but clean and well taken care of. So it was one of the kind I really liked.

Slowly I walked through the port. Such beauty… and just a couple of people looking at it. It was almost a shame, most people visited this place only while summer. Didn’t they know that It was so beautiful while this time of the year?

At some point, I found myself next to the harbor housing. The times of the tidal stood there on a piece of paper. And I thought, every sailor would have to know this on his or her own…

Time went by and I continued exploring the island on the beach. There where surprisingly many people out here, considering that it was winter. Sure, from the pictures I had seen nothing compared to summer – but still, I had almost expected to be alone out here.

A nice, smooth wind was blowing over the sand and into my face, giving me this very special feeling…

It was just beautiful. The wind. The waves. The birds. The beach. The island…. I couldn’t help myself but feel like if I would be in some magic wonderland. All this beauty!

While following the beach away from the port and the village, I came to the east side of the island. From here, I was capable to see the next island – Terschelling. That was nice, even so it limited my view on the sea. But seeing this other island out there was nice.

But another thing also happened when I got to the east. The wind got suddenly way stronger – not just a little bit but a lot! For sure three to four wind forces more, I belief. The waves, before that just some small waves no got huge – well, in some way. For sure almost a meter – maybe even more, I’m bad in guessing such stuff.

However, the wind and so also the waves got much larger. I had heard that it would be like that between the island but actually seeing it was very fascinating. I walked close to the waves, just far enough from them so that my shoes didn’t get wet. Somehow, I even managed that.

Now I wanted to get another perspective. So I got up on the dunes, following some little path. It was like magic. On one side, there was all this natures – trees, bushes, more dunes…. On the other side the beach and, more important, the sea. I realized that this was a real nature treasure. I loved it even more that I had imagined possible.

Walking on the dunes was way harder than following the beach. Most of the bushes had spines and I had to be careful not to hurt myself. I stopped a couple of times, writing down my feelings and taking some pictures. It was one of those moments when you need to share your experience with someone – even if it’s just some paper, knowing that I would share this later on my blog with real people. It was just to great to keep to myself.

All event’s happened on the 15th of March 2015

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  1. Hi Sebastian…saw your FB post of BEA and rolled over to your website. I’ve enjoyed your posts and photos and hope to read more! I admire you for doing your own thing and will just remind you that you will only be young ONE TIME…enjoy ever moment to its fullest and look back with a smile! – Ed in Portland, Oregon USA ( Winston Smith on FB)

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