Going South

Until I reached the Ijsselmeer, my mood was pretty bad. I was missing the sea, it did hurt.

But then I saw the Ijsselmeer and it was beautiful. Not like the Wadden sea but still. I couldn’t the the shore on the other side, there was a lot of wildlife on and above the lake and, to be fair, I got away from those roads I had to cross between the Wadden Sea and the Ijsselmeer dike.

After a few meters I realized that I had slowed down. This was ironic since I had left the Sea cause of a lack of time. But my feet’s started hurting and it felt wrong to run through this beautiful landscape once again without appreciating it.

There where all those birds, on Land, on the water and in the air above me.

From time to time, I stopped walking, took photos or just looked out to the Ijsselmeer. Soon, I couldn’t see very fast anymore, there was an island close by. But the Island was a beauty as well.

Then there was this little boat on land once again. Like if it would have waited for years for someone to get down the dike and into the water. But the person doing this wouldn’t be me. Still, it looked cool.

After walking south for around one hour, I was back in Makkum. It was a beautiful town, I would have loved to stay and probably go back to the sea but the harbour wasn’t opened yet. And my goal for today still was to get to Workum. I had chosen to row down a little canal right next to the dike. And it was a beautiful canal. Just a few meters outside the town, all the sounds of civilisation died. All I heard was the wind blowing through the reed, my rowing down the canal and, from time to time, some birds or some sheep on the dike. But that wasn’t all of it. It was way to beautiful to describe. At one point, there was something you almost could call a little lake right next to the canal. A little bit of reed was between the canal and the little lake, just at some points you could switch between both. And it all looked so beautiful! Magic! It was…

Even so I was rowing, I enjoyed being here. Those little canals are just gorgeous. At the parts of the canal, where sheep where right next to it on the dike, the sheep’s followed me as long as they could. The looked so adorable!

When I looked forward, I saw a little village, just a few houses coming closer and closer. It was a picture you cold take for a post card. So beautiful!

I was overwhelmed, all this nature, all this beauty. For a short period of time I even forgot that Time was an issue. I had to get forward if I wanted to reach Workum before Sunset.

So I rowed a bit stronger than before, which was hard since I felt my strength leaving me and I would have rather just enjoyed the landscape.

And then, there was this smell. And, seconds later, we stood still.

The canal was full with reed. BEA wasn’t swimming anymore, now it was standing on cut reed.

And as far as I could see, around onehundret meters, I saw the reed in the canal everywhere. Once again, BEA was sitting on reed. But at least, this time it wasn’t my fault.

Who to fuck cuts reed and throws it into a canal boats use?

Or, well, at least one boat uses…

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All event’s happened on the 17th of March 2015

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