BEAs first Nightsail!

After i was ready with swearing, i started thinking. But i didn’t have that much options. So I did the only thing possible. I tried to row through this mess. It took almost all me strength and all my sweet, after a few minutes I was as wet as if I would have just jumped into the canal. Again and again, I rowed in a circle to get rid of the reed, hanging under the hull. The progress was little, but I got forward. But how could I hope to get till Workum before sunset with this? Again and again I started swearing just to end soon after. This didn’t help, I had to concentrate my energy on getting through this mess.

And I did. After around one hundred meters, I rowed a last time backwards and in the circle to get rid of the reed, then I was through it. There was a little bit reed left in the canal but not that much that it would have been a big problem. But the one hundred meters of mess had cost me one hour. It didn’t look good. How could I get to Workum before darkness?

The sun was getting pretty close to the horizon already and it was still some way to go. But there was no point in worrying about it, all I could do now was to keep rowing.

And that was what I did. I took the next canal right which led me through this beautiful area towards the next village. It was just sweet. I even saw a few animals in a garden right behind a house. There where a goat, some ducks, a sheep, chickens and a Cock. They looked like some crazy patchwork family.

When I looked to the horizon, I saw that the sun was really getting close to the horizon. Now, the chances that I would reach Workum before sunset was almost zero.

The village was beautiful. And in this village, I had to get onto another canal. The map said it would be 0.5 meters deep. But when I reached the bridge under which the canal started, it said something different. Usualy it might me 0.5 meters deep. But right now, it was just around 0.30 meters deep. Just one moment after I saw this, BEA suddenly stopped. She had run aground.

But this was an easy fixed problem, I just put up the sword and we were ready to go on.

I enjoyed being on the canal. When the sunset started, I thought about just towing BEA to the land. But why? Workum was close, I already saw the town. Sure, it was still some way to go. But I would get there by time. And I just couldn’t stand the thought of camping wild once again just cause I had to go to the sea. Which, just to be clear, was the right thing to do.

So I just turned on my headlamp and continued rowing. Again and again, I looked to the horizon. The sun going down is just so beautiful. And seeing this while being on the water… magical.

Again and again, I passed one bridge after the other. I guess the only boats on this canals usually are canoes – if any boats go on this canal.


It wasn’t really dark outside of Workum but when I entered the town, this changed. There where tall buildings on both sides of the canal. It felt strange. If this would have been a street and not a canal, this would have been considered one of those dark streets you shouldn’t go to while nighttime.

I rowed through the last bridge and found myself in the middle of Workum. It was a nice area and right at the other side, I could see someone. And since there was a port, I just went there and asked if there still as a harbor master around. Checked out, the men I talked to was the harbor master. And of course I could stay – but he advised me to stay on the other canal side since right here, the toilet and shower would still be closed.

Well, no problem. It didn’t take me long to row to the other side, tie BEA to the shore and put up the tent. That the only light was the light from my headlamp and some street lamps wasn’t as much of a problem as I had thought. But I’m happy that the tent was dry when I started this morning. Otherwise, I would have had no chance in getting it dry now.

I have to smile. BEA just did hear very first night sail.

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All event’s happened on the 17th of March 2015

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