Just another nice afternoon

After entering the Panekokenhuis, I ordered a waffle with cream, hot cherries and cinnamon. Since I also wanted something to drink, I asked for a cup of hot chocolate. While waiting for my meal to be ready, I looked around. It was adorable in here, just beautiful.

The waffle was okay. While eating it, I just couldn’t help myself but making fun about me. What kind of idiot am I, that I ordered anything else then a pannekoken in a pannenkokenhuis?

But after all, it was a great to be here.

At some point, I left the restaurant. Right in front of it stood a big wood shoe. It was funny – both my feet could probably fit in it – at the same time!

Once again I enjoyed Hindeloopen. It’s an sweet little village, really worth a visit. I just love this area.

Before going back to Workum, I stopped at a grocery store. I still didn’t know where in Workum I could find one, so I decided that it was better to carry all this stuff back than have nothing to eat.

Just when I climbed on top of the dike at Workum, started looking towards to boats, tied to the shore, it happened. The fog disappeared, the sun came out. The sky was blue. It was beautiful, within seconds it got a bit warmer. What a great surprise!

This one moment, not paying attention to where I was stepping was enough. I stepped right into dog poop. Stupid. After cleaning the shoe in the grass, I continued my way towards the tent where I cleaned the shoe once again, very carefully. I didn’t want to get dog poop inside the tent.

A little bit later, I was sitting in front of the tent, watching out to the canal. What a nice place to stay. While eating a bit of the tasteful cheese I had bought in Harlingen, I read. I read way to less at home. But here, I couldn’t imagine it without a good book.

But I also wanted to get the post cards ready and just a little bit later, I had them written and went into the town. I had seen a post office somewhere in the morning. Just… where was it… Hm… oh, yeah, there it is!


Leaving the post office, I turned right instead of left. Further away from the tent instead of back. Way going back, when I have the time to enjoy this place. There was so much beauty, big and little things, all together, forming a picture.

Finally, I stopped at a Fast Food restaurant. I had no interest in cooking today and so I just bought some fries with mayonnaise.

Most of the day, the fog had held back the sun, but now it was shining bright. A great feeling on my skin. Slowly walking through the town, I ate the fries and looked around. I just love Friesland. Today was great, visiting two beautiful towns. And tomorrow I will be out in the nature once again. And that’s just great.

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All event’s happened on the 18th of March 2015

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