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When I woke up, I heard the cars driving on a road close by. It wasn’t loud but after all the quite places I had spent the other nights, it was enough. Outside, it was foggy. Right now it would be dangerous to untie the lines. But did I want to leave? Why should I?

First, I went for a walk through the old town of Workum. It was beautiful. But I had not that much food left. Or, to be clear: I had nothing for breakfast left!
So I went looking for a groceries store.

My hope that I would be easy to find one died quite soon. There were a lot of stores around. I could buy anything. Bikes, Clothes, even Wood shoes. But no food.
But still, it was beautiful. All those old buildings…
It was around nine o’clock when I went into a store. From the outside, I thought it would be a supermarket. But I was wrong, they sold a lot of stuff but no food.
On my way back, I came by a bakery. Well, that would do it. And so I just bought some tasty food there.

I decided that I would stay for today. The only problem was, that the toilet was closed. Outside the towns, this wouldn’t be a problem for me. There are solutions for that. But inside a town?
However, it wasn’t that much of a walk to get out of town. I could do that even while night.

As pretty as Workum was, I didn’t want to spent the whole day just in this one town. But I had heard that another village close by, Hindeloopen, would be a real pearl of a village.
Of course all I had for navigation was my water chart but this would have to be enough. And so I walked out of the town.
Still, it was foggy. I couldn’t see that fast. But I enjoyed walking. As much fun as being on the water is for me, my legs had needed this walk.
A little bit outside of the town, I made a little stop to do, what I had not wanted to do inside the town.
After that, I continued my way. The only person I met on my way was a horsewoman. Beside that, I was alone.

I don’t know how long I walked, but suddenly, I could see a house and a bridge in front of me. This could only be Hindeloopen!
Pretty fast it got clear to me why other sailors liked this village so much.
It was sweet, looked like if this little village wouldn’t have changed for hundreds of year. Entering the village was almost like if I would travel back in time. Sure, there where cars, electric lights. But the buildings and small streets made it easy to forget about that. After walking by the marina, I stopped close to the Ijsselmeer.

I had heard it before I saw it. The waves crashed loud against the dike. Over the water, there was a lot of fog, I could just see a few meters. But it was impressive. This was a big lake. But on this day, it had decided to show it claws.

After walking a bit more through the town, I stopped at a shop. They sold decorations, but they also had some post cards. And I still wanted to send some home. And they where exactly what I had been looking for.
Time had gone on and I had some appetite. Outside, I had seen a sign for a Panekokenhuis. So I went looking. All those tiny streets I enjoyed seeing so much didn’t make it easy for me to find.
So I used the time, looking for my goal to look at the houses. Especially the shield in front of the stores where pretty, but it all together formed a pictures I really liked.

It had taken me quite some time but then I finally found it. It was ridiculous – I had walked past it several times. But this was definitely my fault – even inside of this pretty village, this building was hard to miss. But maybe, even without knowing, I wanted to miss it cause I had enjoyed walking around so much?

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All event’s happened on the 18th of March 2015

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