A magical canal

It so beautiful around here. I’m on one of the most beautiful canals I discovered in Frisia. On the southern side of the canal was a little forest with leafless trees.

Right on the other side was the dike, behind the dike the Ijsselmeer. Between canal and dike was a small area with grass and on this area stood a little house. An old steel boat was tied right next to the house and a single, old tree grew in the same area.

I tried to imagine living there. How would that be? It looked lovely around here. Quite. A magical place. But maybe also a little bit lonely? There really wasn’t that much around here.

Slowly rowing we moved forward, leaving nothing but little waves behind. It’s so beautiful around here, even the dark clouds couldn’t hide it.

I left the forest behind and golden reed took it’s place. I had seen this quit often. But then the reed opened and I saw a something you might call a lake right next to the canal. Not like the big Frisian lakes but compared to the canal…

Single reed plants grew in this lake. There wasn’t even the slightest breeze. Once I saw a couple, walking on the dike but besides them, I was the only human around.

But there where sheeps on the dike, happily eating the grass. Once again I couldn’t help myself but to make the same sounds they did.

With fascination I watched the reflections in the water. The dike, the sheep’s, the reed…. I was so beautiful. I even saw the birds which flew over me in the water.

After some time, the lake on my left side ended and reed grew once again right next to me.

The sound of me rowing had something meditative, I didn’t even think about rowing anymore. I just did it.

While looking at the sheep’s I found a building on the dike. What was it? A little house? Or maybe a bunker?

What ever it was, it was built by men, probably out of cement. On most places, this would have been ugly. But here….


In some way, it fit right into the landscape. It looked like if it belonged there.

Slowly we passed by the building.

Behind the next curve, I saw Stavoren. Kind of. There was a Lighthouse, a landmark which showed me the entrance to the city. But before I would reach Stavoren I had to row through a bridge. And I still had time to enjoy the nature surrounding me.

Stavoren welcomed me with it’s industrial area. Luckily I knew that this was just a little part and that the town itself was beautiful. So I just continued rowing. The industrial part wasn’t that bad. I just didn’t look at the side with the building. Instead I concentrated on rowing and looked on the other side with all the trees.

And just a little bit later, I entered the old town of Stavoren. Huge traditional Sail ships, beautiful sailing yachts. Historical houses. Beautiful.

I tied BEA to her next berth at the little island. I had camped on it last year so that should be okay. Even so that the harbor wasn’t opened yet. Beside the fact that this meant, that I hadn’t a toilet – in the middle of a town – this was no problem for me.

I thought back to the canal. It had been so beautiful. Especially the part between Molkwerum and Stavoren. Beautiful. Magical. Unforgettable.

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All event’s happened on the 20th of March 2015

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