Being Slow

Hours had passed by when I finally untied the lines. But there was still no wind. Not even a smooth breeze.

Without wind, there is no sailing and so I just put down the rig and started rowing. I want to explore a new, for me unknown canal for one last time. Enjoy it.

First, I rowed back north. Behind the bridge, at the crossing of two canals I took the turn west and followed the canal. Now I was at a new place, somewhere I hadn’t been before.

For a few seconds I thought about the canoeist. Would I see him again? He wanted to row back on this canal. But no, the chances where pretty low. He had left hours ago – and it seemed like if he would be quit fast.

The area was beautiful. Even so there was a road right next to the canal, I just saw very few cars and only a little bit more bikes.

While BEA slowly moved forward I took a deep breath. It was so quite around here.

Still, the sky was grey and I wasn’t motivated to row. A thought came to my mind. Why row? I had more than enough time. My goal for today was Stavoren – I could be there very soon, it wasn’t far away. By food, it wouldn’t take me an hour. The same with Warns were my car was parked. There was just no point in hurrying. So I just stopped rowing and took a book. What a great place to read. In the middle of nature, on the water.

I was wearing warm clothing but now, after I had stopped rowing my hands got cold. But the book was so great, I just couldn’t stop reading and so I excepted that my hands were getting red.

The surrounding was perfect to get into the book, enjoying it. More and more I lost myself into the pages. Being on the water and reading a great book: Perfect.

Somewhere someone shouted: “Hoi”

My head turned up and I looked around. There were a few child, probably driving back home with there bicycles after school. Already that late? Maybe I should continue rowing?

But after a few meters I stopped again. The book was to good and I still had more than enough time. No, I wanted to enjoy this. And so I read once again.

At some point I really continued rowing. It wasn’t cause I was ready reading or cause it wasn’t fun anymore. I still had enough to read and it was so much fun. But I had to find a quite place. Another good thing about rowing again was, that no, where I didn’t need to turn pages anymore I was able to wear my gloves again.

A little bit later I found a good place to pee before I continued my way. Right in front of me was Molkwerum. What a peaceful place. And so beautiful! A great surprise.


Maybe I should make a break and take a look around? But no, I decided to continue rowing and just a little bit later we passed by a camping ground. Again I considered taking a break, go onto the dike, which was close by the canal, and take a look at the Ijsselmeer. But no, my goal for today was Stavoren. And I knew that I would have a great look over the Ijsselmeer from there. So why should I hurry?

I just left the camping ground behind when I entered one of the most beautiful canals I found in Frisia. Even the grey clouds didn’t manage to hide its beauty.

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All event’s happened on the 20th of March 2015

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