I can sail!

I can sail! I’m unbelievable happy. I can sail! A smooth breeze pressed BEA through the water, leaving little waves behind. The reed shakes just a little bit in the wind, almost impossible to see. Next to me, I saw a fish in the water.

I sail.


Soon, I left the city. All I did was to enjoy the moment. Be. Live. It was so beautiful. I was living. I was free. It was like a dream. While pulling the sheet a little bit, I had a huge smile on my face. Slowly, I looked around. Appreciated the nature surrounding me. There were a few fields, but most of the time the shore was full with reed. Dry, brown-orange reed. Between it, I saw a few trees. There weren’t any leaves yet, only cold, hard, wood.

The nature looked so… wild. So beautiful.

The sail was reefed. But even here, outside the town, the wind wasn’t even close to being to strong. I could have sailed with the full sail easily. This smooth breeze was just perfect for BEA at this time of the year. Maybe I should take the reef out of the sail? This would give us a little bit more speed.

But why? No, I didn’t want to do it. I had all the time I needed. Even more. There was no reason to rush. So why should I try to get to my goal faster? I love sailing. And today, I actually can sail! I hadn’t thought that it would be possible. I can sail! So why should I try to get faster to my goal – and so sail less? No, I want to enjoy every single second. And I’m glad that I’m slow. This way, I will have more time on the water, sailing. No – I will not try to be faster. I will be slow. And I love it.

The reflection of the shore in the water fascinated me. It was like a mirror.

But at the same time, I was a little bit upset. I looked… terrible! I really had to wash myself – today. This was not okay anymore, not even in the slights bit. Sure, it wasn’t fun to take a bath in the cold canal water. Washing with water around the freezing point wasn’t fun. But it was more than just necessary.

My attention drifted away from myself and towards the shore. At some points, there was something broken. Most of the time, the shore was embattled with wood to make sure it would stay where it should. But this wood was broken at some points and water had gotten through it. There were some waterholes behind with there own plants and fishes.

The wind was really smooth and it wasn’t a problem to get the rig down and up again. I just pulled it out completely before the bridge and got it back in afterwards. But then, there were two bridges just a little bit behind each other and I rowed through both of them.

But after that, once again: I sailed.

The canal turned, now I sailed south. This was still to fast, there, right in front of me was already Koudum. And from there, it wouldn’t be far to the Marrekrite Berth.

From time to time, I saw some child’s with there bicycles. It looked like if the school would be over.

While getting closer to Koudum, the wind got stronger and stronger. So I decided to change my plans. I had planed to go into the town, take another look around and buy some groceries. But who knew how long the wind would be good for sailing? There was a chance that, in one or two hours the wind would be too strong to sail. And that I would have to row. No, I wanted to sail – way more than just visiting some town. I still could walk back into the town from the berth, but maybe I couldn’t sail to the berth. And this wasn’t a risk I was willing to take.

When I rowed at the next canal on the beginning of the voyage there hadn’t been any wind. The town and a dike protected the canal from the south. But this wasn’t a problem today and I had a nice sail. Seeing the town passing by was nice. On the other side, there where some fields and reed. Just another, nice canal in Frisia.

Soon, I had to leave this canal for the last one for today. To do so, I had to sail through a bride. Would it work out? My rig was as high as the bridge. Somehow, it worried out. Almost it wouldn’t there was just a tiny bit of space between the mast and the bridge. But it didn’t and I found myself in the beautiful landscape of a Frisian canal once again. On both sides grew reed, orange-brown at this time of the year, water in front and behind myself. Just beautiful. I’m back in the nature. And I can sail!

For one moment, I was sad about the fact that this might be the last sail for this voyage. The fact that I thought about it bothered me even more then the fact itself and I pushed away those thought. Hey! I was sailing! The weather was great, the landscape beautiful.

It even seemed like if I wouldn’t be the only one enjoying this. BEA, pushed forward from the wind, started to glide. She seemed to enjoy it, to have fun. I smiled while coming closer and closer to the berth. This was beautiful. I just love sailing. Such a great moment. I was thankful for this and all the other beautiful moments I have and had with BEA.

I was right next to the berth when I saw two motor boats coming closer and closer.

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All event’s happened on the 19th of March 2015

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