The last evening


The harbor is out of order. But I managed this in Workum so it should work out here as well. Of course I could just row to Warns. But I just don’t wont to… maybe tomorrow.

After I had put up the tent and got everything ready for the night, I went for a walk towards the Ijsselmeer. It’s a lake – but such a big lake, you only see the other side if the weather is good. And today, this wasn’t the case.

Even so it’s a huge lake, there were almost no waves on this day. Only a little breeze blew over the water. Even I could sail there with BEA. Well, maybe. I even considered the wind to be not strong enough… or BEA

A shield made me lough. “Kiss & go”. Where? I looked around. What a funny sign. My eyes followed the arrow, but there was no beautiful woman to kiss. Only a men, coming towards me with a big smile. He had read the same sign and taken a closer look. But, sadly he explained, there would be no woman waiting for the kiss.


Just a little bit later I found myself in the Buitenhaven. And there were boats in the water! What a nice picture. I had seen so many empty harbors, even those few boats swimming around here looked so beautiful.

But then my eyes wanderd towards the Ijsselmeer. What a beautiful view. There were almost no boats out there. Impossible to imagine that there would be thousands of sails while summer. Currently, I only saw one white sail of a sailing vessel somewhere close to the horizon. So beautiful.

Then I started thinking. Wasn’t it crazy? I didn’t like seeing all those beautiful boats standing ashore. I want them to swim! An empty harbor can look quite nice – but I feel sorry for all those boats. But at the same time, I like empty waters, enjoy it if there is no or almost no other boat around. I somehow like the loneliness.

It was time and I went for a walk through the city. Stavoren is a beautiful town. All those old houses… and the traditional sailing ships! Lovely. And almost nobody around. Once again, I was surprised by how empty one of those touristic cities can be outside of the season.

I stopped at a fast food restaurant and bought some fries and a meatball. Sundown was coming closer and closer, soon it would be night. And at night, it just is too cold to walk around. And the idea of making some pasta… no more, even the Idea was…. No. No way.

Not one of those pastas I had with me, where I just have to pull some water over it. They just don’t taste good.

I ate on the way back and in my tent. Afterwards, I made some notes for the blog and thought about the day. The weather wasn’t great. I would have loved to set sails once more. But without wind… well, it wouldn’t have made any sense. And the fact that I hadn’t seen the sun for even just a second wasn’t great as well. But still, it was a wonderfull day. I had met someone inspiring. Rowed through a true nature paradise. BEA proofed once again, that she was a perfect boat for Frisia for me. It was a beautiful day full of moments to enjoy.

While it was getting colder and colder outside, I lay in my sleeping bag, enjoyed the last pages of the last book. And slowly, my eyes closed.


You might have realized cause of the title – my winter voyage is coming to an end. This was my last evening while winter in Frisia. But there is one more post about my winter voyage. And after that, there is an hole other voyage I made with BEA to tell you guys ago!

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All event’s happened on the 20th of March 2015

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