It is a wonderful morning. The weather is great and especially the wind is a reason to be happy. Slowly I walked to the next bakery and bought two croissants for breakfast. There was no reason to hurry, if I would want, I could be in Warns within a few hours. It wasn’t that far!

While enjoying my breakfast, I looked at the water chart. Which way should I take?

I had two options. I could go over the Grutte Gaastmeer and Fluezen, passing by De Kulliart and finally arriving at De Morra. Or I could follow a small canal. Well, small seemed to be relativ – not like the one which had brought me to Workum but still – not that big. At least it didn’t look that big on the chart.

At the end, I decided to go over the canals. Otherwise I would haven’t seen that much new today. This way, I would explore another canal I hadn’t been on till now.

My plan was to get to the berth at De Morra.

Breakfast was over and I left Workum by foot. I had to… well… The toilet was closed.

Now it was time and after I packed my stuff, I untied the lines. I enjoyed being on the water even so I rowed.

We tunred right and the canal. This was strange – There where to many buildings on my left side. Also, on the map it looked like if the canal would be straight with no other canals crossing it. Well, this was kind of the opposite of this canal. What the… how can that be?

Again and again, I checked the chart. But there was no other Canal I could be on on the map! But still, it just looked wrong. It was a nice area – but not the area I should be in, if the map is right.

If the…

I had reached the end of the canal. It was a deadlock. Fuck.

The map was wrong . obviously. But where?

The only option now was to row all the way back.

It sucked, but soon, I made my peace with the situation. I had more then enough time today, it wasn’t that far and, most importantly, the weather was great!

But it was still bugging me that I had taken the wrong way – and I wanted to know what went wrong. Back on the first canal, I looked around until I was sure about my exact position. Well, now it was clear why I hadn’t seen the entrance of the canal! It simply wasn’t there! Or, to be exact: It was behind another symbol – so there was no way I could have seen it.


To get to the right canal I had to pass another bridge. I was very surprised to see the ample being red-green. A bridge opening? It wasn’t April yet. And even if – without the rig BEA could get through this bridge without any problems if it’s closed. But hey, I take what I can get – and it is nice to see bridges opening. But why did it do that?

The answer came just when I was down below. I heard an engine coming closer and closer from behind. When I looked back, I saw a big Motor yacht. Well, that explained the open bridge. As fast as I could I rowed through the rest of the bridge and out of the way of the yacht.

The crew of the yacht greeted me.

“Hallo BEA!”, they shouted. I was surprised. How did they know the name of my little girl?

It took me a few seconds, then… of course, it’s standing on her hull! Stupid me.

I greeted back, then they continued their way.

This time I went onto the right canal. The wind was smooth and I had to ask myself: Why am I rowing? I could easily sail!

Well, the weather report had predicted more wind. But the weather report is old – four days old. But what would happen if the wind would be stronger outside the town?

Stupid thoughts. What would happen? I would get the sail down and row again. That’s it. And what should I trust more? What I see, hear and feel – or an four-day old weather report? This was ridiculous. And so I set sails. My heart jumped a little bit, I was happy. This was perfect. I sail!

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All event’s happened on the 19th of March 2015

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  1. Oh! This, is, so exciting; as, I, have a little yellow, ‘STAR DANCER’–14′–named, ‘Lemon Lush’–after, the dessert; and, there is room for two; but, I, love to take, it, MYSELF; as, I, can go when, I’M, ready; and, the wind is right; and, spontaneously! I, know the, ‘thrill’! There’s, nothing like, it! It’s, addictive to be, that, close to the water! Sometimes if the wind gets a little, too, brisk, I, wish to be on land; and, then when, I, get to the land, I, wish to be on the water, again!!!!
    Can, hardly, wait to read more!

    • Glad you liked it 🙂 I know what you mean – with strong winds, I try to get ashore as fast as possible. But when I’m ashore, all I can think about is getting back on the water… 😀
      The next will be online later today 😉

  2. It, is, almost 2:00am–here, in South Jordan Utah USA (Suburb of Salt Lake City) I, sail on THE GREAT SALT LAKE! I love, it; and, there are no sharks!!! LOL!
    I, hope, I, didn’t disturb or awaken, YOU. The blog doesn’t say what time, it, is there; so, I, apologize, if, this is a bad time; but, it’s, so, amazing to virtually, travel with, YOU! ;-). (I, can almost taste the cherry-waffles!) I am experiencing, ‘once-in-a-lifetime’, streets and canals; and, I’M, lying on, MY, bed!!! AMAZING!
    I can almost smell the scent of fresh water; and, morning fog; and, I, just, went to the, ‘Biffy’, for, YOU!!! Tee! HEE! 😉
    Just kidding! ;-). What a cool boat; and, smart to take a tent! Happy night!
    Love ‘n, stuff–‘n, sending stars–from,

    • Wow… thanks for the nice words 🙂 Means a lot!
      I’m living in germany and around here it’s already 10 am – so don’t worry, you definitely didn’t wake me up.
      I just looked at some pictures of the great salt lake. It looks like a wonderful place to sail!

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