2016: Course North Sea


New Year – what will change?

Well, to be fair, a lot. I gave some hints in the past. Like my talk with a horse on Vlieland. Or when I first came to the sea while my very first voyage with BEA. My plans have changed over and over in some ways. But one always stayed the same: I wanted to sail. At sea. Without driving hours. And not only while vacation. A lot has happened – and this year, I will move to the sea.



I will move to the North Sea, to be more specific: To Cuxhaven, a lovely town at the North Sea shore. I can’t wait to be there: So many fascinating places to sail to. The river Elbe, the Wadden Sea. The North Sea. It will be great – and all possible on a weekend sail!


With BEA?

I have said over and over that BEA isn’t build for this kind of sailing areas. The strong winds, the tides, the waves… no, this would be way to dangerous. I definitely will not sell her. There are some lakes close to Cuxhaven. Or maybe she will be the greatest dinghy ever. Or… I don’t know. But I’m definitely planning on keeping her. I just love my little girl.


So what will be the next boat?

I’m not sure yet. Probably a nice, little sailing vessel… maybe around 22 foot? I don’t know. I have some ideas, know what I want, what my priorities are. And I have found some sailboats that might fit those expectations. We will see. I will tell you more about that another time.


What’s with the blog?

Well, at this point, I’m still telling you about my voyages through Frisia with BEA. Soon, the second voyage will end on the blog and I will continue with the third one. And till I’m ready with that… Well, I hope that at this point I will already have the next boat and many new adventures waiting for me.



I will be at the Boat (Düsseldorf, Germany) – looking forward to it. I will speak about my voyages with BEA two times on the Sailing Center Stage.

Friday, 29th January            16.30 – 17.00

Saturday, 30th January       11.30 – 12.00

On stage, I will talk in german (well, It’s in germany…). But if you happen to be there and want to talk afterwards… well, than English is no problem.



Yes, I wrote a book. It will be published by my publisher millemari. this year and is about my voyages through Frisia with BEA. But, sorry guys, it’s in german as well.


A little warning:

You might have realized, there is a lot going on currently. Cause of that, I might publish even less regular as usual. But this will change. I’m sure of that.


I wish you all a happy new year!


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