Into the sunset

There it was. This great feeling. The first thing I saw after entering the marina were all those beautiful boats, swimming in the water. Last time I had been here, they stood high and dry ashore – while winter. It didn’t take that long to unpack my stuff, park the car. Just a little bit later, I found the harbour master and told him that I wouldn’t stay for the night. The wind and weather was so great, I wanted to enjoy the evening with a little sail. He knew me from my last voyages, wished me a great vacation and that was that. Paying wouldn’t be necessary before I came back.

Warns De Vrijheid

Warns, De Vrijheid… The harbor from which I started all my voyages

Just a little bit later, I was ready to go. BEA was almost completely build up, only the upper part of the rig wasn’t ready. There is a bridge just next to the harbor and I wasn’t sure if it would still open – it was already after seven o’clock.


And adventure begins

After rowing through the bridge, I tied BEA to the shore to set the sail. And there we went. A nice, smooth wind caught itself in the self, pushing BEA slowly forward.


A happy Skipper

The sun was shining from the blue sky. It was late, just a few sailors were still on the water. I was alone most of the time. And the nature…. It was so beautiful. I had to remind myself to enjoy this moment and not just to take pictures.


A beautiful sunset

A bit before eight, we left the canal and sailed onto the first lake. So beautiful. And no way I would get to the Marrekrite berth and De Morra before sunset. But who cares? I had my first night sail six month ago, while winter. Now the water was warm so what would be the worst that could happen? That I get wet?

sailing moon

A great evening to sail…

The sun got closer and closer to the horizon and the moon rise to the sky. It was a full moon. On one side, the blue sky with this big, white moon. On the other, the yellow-orange-red sky with the sun going down. And all this in the beautiful landscape of frisia.

sailing sunset shore

following the shore…

I followed the shore north. At some point, this would lead me to the canal with the berth. But I had time. And I used it to do… well, nothing but to enjoy the view.

The sun had already gone down but the horizon was still red when I reached the berth. Many boats were tied to the shore. But with my little boat, I always find a place – even s, it wasn’t that easy this time.

sunset canal sailing

arriving on my first berth of the voyage

As great as cruising while winter was, I enjoyed the warm evening . Sitting outside the tent, enjoying the view… this hadn’t been possible six month ago.

sailing boat sunset

What a great view to end a day with…

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All events happened at the 28th August, 2015.


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