8 feet and happy

My inflatable sailboat BEA is 2.40 meter (8 foot) long and 1.20 meter (4 foot) wide. While my voyage, the forward half is loaded with kit bags and in the middle is the sword. So the space aboard for me is very limited – it’s basicly just enough for one person to sit on both sides. The “living space” aboard couldn’t be less. Okay – I sleep ashore in my tent.

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But still, I somehow fall in love with my little girl, with here I found what makes me happy. When I bought here for my first voyage through frisia, she was an emergency solution. But after two weeks of cruising with her, she had given me so much – I now knew hat I wanted. This was such a great feeling. In some way, every plan had failed. Everything I had planed for this voyage, the route, the places I had planed to visit… well, BEA had other planes. But at the end, I had made such a great voyage, such an adventure…. And after my first voyage, I somehow knew what I wanted.

So when I had once again some time, just six month later, I didn’t hesitate to set sails once again. Even so that it still was winter – but the water wasn’t frozen and I just had to be on the water and on my way. I had to. My big apartment, the couch, my TV… all this just felt unnecessary. Being on the water, in the nature. Sailing. This was luxury to me. No, not just luxury – life.

I had some problems – it was not just could, the wind was to strong and my boat wasn’t really made for that. But even so, I had an even greater adventure. And it didn’t hurt that in the early morning hours, I sometimes had to scratch the ice from the tent. I knew that my dreams weren’t just crazy ideas – they were what I wanted – needed – from life. So when I had, once again, time, I decided to set sails again. A third – and probably last voyage with BEA through Frisia. I paked all the necessary stuff into my car (a smart) and drove to Frisia. I hadn’t that much time – just a week. But I wanted to go sailing.

Cause I knew one thing: This was what makes me happy. My happiness is eight foot long.

Well, today I started telling you about my third voyage with BEA through frisia. The upcoming posts about this voyage will be a bit different from those about my first two voyages. Less text but many more pictures.

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More coming soon

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