My Frisian winter

Big raindrops, hitting on my tent were the first thing I heard on this morning. It would loud inside the tent, no way I could fall asleep again. So after a short time trying, I just waited until the rain ended.

But even then, the wind was roaring through the tent, a sound I just couldn’t enjoy. Outside, it was a little bit better. But still the weather was bad. Way to much wind to set sails – or even to row. With conditions like that, I couldn’t even take BEA to Warns which really wasn’t that far. Cause of course, I would have to go against the wind. And there was also no other place I could go from here. And this on the day I had planed to go the last couple of meters till Warns, were my voyage had started…

Something is really wrong with the weather. While winter, I had most of the time sunshine, good weather. But no, spring had just started… this.

More and more, my head started working. What should I do? Wait for better weather? Without anything new to read?

Stavoren is beautiful, for sure. But waiting here till the weather changes – just to go the last couple of meters till Warns? As far as I knew, I would have to wait for days… and for what? To go back to De Morra one more time? Or even less, only to Warns?

While still thinking about my options, I made my way towards the Ijsselmeer. What a beautiful few. I realized what this meant. It had been two really great weeks. What was the point in adding some boring days, waiting for the weather to change just to end this voyage were it had started?

I had so much luck with the weather. While my winter voyage, I had more sun than while my first voyage with BEA – which had been in summer!

All the great weather, the beautiful and wild landscape. The nice people. The sea. All the time I had been on the water, sailing and rowing. This was what I wanted to remember of this voyage. And not sitting around and waiting for better weather.

No, this wasn’t worth it. Not for just that one short time rowing to Warns. I wouldn’t risk adding some sad memories to this great adventure just for that.

Dreamy, I looked out to the Ijsselmeer. There were some mean waves out there. Not that high – but really short. A typical Ijsselmeer-Wave as far as I had heard. The wind blew through my hair, played with it. A great place to be.

But then I got hungry and walked through the harbor towards to grocery store.

Just a little bit later I was on my way to Warns – by foot. Halfway, a car stopped next to me. It was the harbor master which offered me to take me the rest of the way. Before that, I had to go to a boating store in Stavoren but then we went to the harbor. Since the weather wasn’t nice, I was really grateful.


I parked my car in Stavoren as close to the Island as I could and started packing. There was no official parking space – but hey, I was around…

Just when I had stored everything in my little car, I started questioning my desition. It was just so beautiful around here! And the sun had come out again! But still, the wind…. And I already saw the next dark clouds coming closer and closer…

It was hard for me to say so, but my decision had been right. I would have to wait for days just to go the last few meters. And wasn’t this one of the greats things of an inflatable sailboat? The option to just take it out of the water…. Everywhere?

One last time I went to the Ijsselmeer. When I saw a sailing vessel sailing out to the Ijsselmeer, I had to smile. I recognized the crew. They were here for a heavy weather training. Well, it seemed like if they would have perfect conditions for that. While looking after them, I started dreaming and thinking about my voyages. Would I come here again? Sure. When? I didn’t know. Maybe in a few month. Or maybe it would take me years to come back. I didn’t know. But I would.

Saying good bye and walking towards the car was really hard.

But then I thought of all the great memories I had made.

The nice, young man which helped me to pull BEA ofer the field and back into the water. My day on the Island I had all for myself. Or that one perfect sail between Heeg and Sneek. The unbelievable friendliness of the professional sailors at the Van Harnixmacanal. My walk through the Wadden Sea. Those friendly Students I had met afterwards. My day on Vlieland. The friendly woman in Witmarsum. And my trip to the Sea from Makkum, passing by a beautiful part of the Ijsselmeer. My very first night sail. The unexpected day of sailing between Workum and De Morra. That inspiring canoeist. The little nature paradise I had found right next to Stavoren – like so many other. It had been such a great winter voyage, I couldn’t have dreamed it more beautiful. Perfect. This was – no, is: My Frisian winter.

Well, everything had to end at some point. After two weeks of cruising through Frisia while winter, I went back home. Writing this blog, I was really surprised about how many memories I had made (On my german blog, it took me eight month to tell it all!). A huge thank you to all of me for reading and all the nice feedback have got. Thank you!

But this isn’t the end – definitely! (There is a lot going on currently). I made one more voyage with BEA through Frisia and visited some more placed I hadn’t been before. And some, I had been before, I took a closer look on. So stay tuned and make sure to subscribe to my blog.


Greeting from Germany,



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