Sailing into the sunrise

It was early in the morning when I woke up. This however was planed. I wanted to start really early, sailing into the sunrise. When I left the tent, the sky was still dark. I got my stuff together as quite as possible. The sailors on the other boats were still sleeping. No wonder. It was only 05.45 am!

Just a few minutes before sunrise…. on the water :)

It was around the time when I untied the lines that the horizon started to get orange. The sun wasn’t there yet but there was a bit of light. Enough for me to sail.

perfect waves…

A smooth breeze caught itself in BEA’s 5 spuaremeter sail and pushed us of the canal, onto the lake. What a beautiful way to start a day. Kind of perfect. Some waves lifted BEA up an down, giving me this great feeling of being on the water. I couldn’t have asked for better conditions. Perfect wind, not to less and not to much. Nice waves, high and long enough for this great feeling but not to high or short. Even so it was still early, the air wasn’t that cold and there were only a few clouds above me. I knew: This would be perfect.

Out on the lake, I set course south-east. I wanted to get to the next canal, leading to De Fluezen.

I am sailing…. in almost the right direction

While coming closer and closer towards the canal, I realized that there were some wooden poles in the water. I knew from my last voyages that there probably would be fishing nets between them. No way I could just sail through them.

sunrise frisia sailing

So beautiful – the perfect way to start a day

I had tried this in the past – never with success – so when I turned my little girl against the wind, trying to beat to windward and it didn’t work, I wasn’t surprised at all. So I just grabbed the paddle and started rowing. This wasn’t what I wanted. Not only that this meant that I wasn’t sailing but rowing – it also meant that I didn’t see the sunrise for a short time.

So after a bit of rowing, I altered my course once again and enjoyed the sail. It didn’t take me long to realize that this hadn’t been enough. But to sun was rising and I really wanted to enjoy the view. How beautiful.

The day has started… :)

This checked out to be a good decision. When I reached to poles, I only had to row a few meters to get past them. I passed the last pole to tight, BEA’s hull almost touched it. But I wanted to sail as much as possible and row as less as necessary so this was the way to go. When I entered the next canal, the sun was above the horizon, the color of the sky turned from orange-red to blue. What a great way to start a day.

All events happened on the 29th of August, 2015.

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