A unexpected scare

While slowly floating along the two harbor’s BEA and I had time to relax. There were almost no humans as far as I could see. Hard to imagine the thousands of sailors which would be around this place in a few hours. But at this time, just a few minutes after sunrise, I was alone. It was quite – and so beautiful.

But this also meant that I couldn’t sing loudly. It would be rude to interrupt the sleep of all those people.

The moment I left the wind shadow of the canal, BEA got quite fast. Well, at least considering that she is a 37 year old inflatable sailboat for which 1 knot is already a good speed.

And since I couldn’t wake anyone up anymore, I started singing out loud. What better place to do so than on the water, sailing alone? I couldn’t imagine anything better.

My taste of music could be descript as… crazy. And so it wasn’t a problem for me to change from child songs to pop, rock and metal in seconds.


Time had passed and I saw the first few boats, heading towards me. But it wasn’t until I passed by a fishermen, that I stopped singing. At least for as long as it took me to get passed him.

We have reached De Fluezen, a big lake. What a great feeling to sail on “open water” – well, for me at least. After some time, I looked back and saw one of those traditional Plattboden ships. So beautiful.

After passing by the first Marrekrite-Island, I changed my course. I planed on sailing North-east to get to the canal, leading towards the Grutte Gaastmeer and finally Workum.

Oh, how much I enjoyed the sail. It was just perfect. Good weather, great wind. Not so many boats – I like that feeling when there aren’t many (or even non) boats around. A perfect sail.

I had expected to row that one little canal – but when I entered it, I happily realized that this wasn’t necessary.

It was on this one canal that I saw all those boating folks on the water. At 9 o’clock, the bridges in Friesland start opening. And with that happening, the day for many people starts. That was it with the loneliness on the water. But on the other hand: There were many beautiful boat’s to see!

Sailing on the Grutte Gaastmeer, I passed by that one island which I had spend on two nights and one day six month ago. Back that, I had been completely alone – a island just for me. But now, there were many rigs.

Continuing my way north, I tried to navigate with landmarks. But my map was not just from last year – I hadn’t looked for changes. And most landmarks were Wind turbines. And well… there were many more now. Impossible to navigate with them. The alternative was quite simple: I just looked how the canals moved and other, little land sings. Like that one house.

To be fair: Finding Workum would have been way easier. Navigating was just kind of a game. All I had to do was sailing straight forward. And, well passing by all those boats that came from Workum.

To get to Workum, I had to sail through one bridge. Lucky me: When I got to the bridge, the light was green. Perfect – I wouldn’t have to wait!

But the moment I was under the bridge, I heard a horrible sound. A sound so terrifying in this situation, I can’t imagine anything worse. The bridge was closing – right above me and my beloved BEA. There were only a few seconds left – otherwise my (almost) unsinkable boat… would sink.

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