Just seconds before the bridge would have hit the rig, we got through the bridge. With an angry face, I looked towards the camera. This just wasn’t okay – something like that just… can’t happen! Not if you sail under the bridge when the light is green!

But now, I was in Workum. Kind of. I still needed to get a little bit further into the city – and through another bridge. But this one was no problem and just a little bit later, BEA was tied to the shore and I on my way into the town. I needed to buy a few things. And, to be fair, also wanted to move a little bit around. Those 9 nautical mile had taken a little bit more than six hours. Actually pretty fast for my little girl!

I love those beautiful little harbor towns in the neatherlands. Not just that there are those old buildings. But also sailing boats everywhere. And, of course, water! Incredible.

It didn’t even bother me that I couldn’t finde a store to buy something to eat.

Knowing that I would need several more hours to get to Makkum were the reason (besides the fact that I was hungry) why I entered the tourism office.

„Ik spreek alleen een beetje Nederlands, spreek jij duits op engels?“

I had learned a little bit dutch since my last voyage. Only a few sentences (for now), but I wanted to use as much as possible. But I had forgotten to check what grocery store means in dutch…

The woman working in the office prefers English and just a little bit later, I’m on my way. It’s not even that far – but outside of the touristic parts of Workum.

Beside Vla (my favorite dutch dessert), I bought Stroopwaffeln. Another sweet thing to eat – but, after a few bites, I knew that they weren’t for me. To sweet – and that’s from a guy who loves sweets!

Back at BEA, I tied the bag with the groceries to my other stuff aboard, untied BEA from the shore and set sails once again.

It’s already afternoon. Would the harbor master still be there when I reach Makkum? Or would finding a place to set up my tent become a problem?


All events in this post happened on the 29th August 2015.

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