Toward the sea


I was only looking for a grocery store. But doing this in such a lovely town can be fun as well…

Canal Frisia

After giving up on my search for a opened grocery store, I untied the lines and rowed eastwards. A canal for me alone… :)

Bridge Frisia

Double-Red. It wasn’t 09.00 am yet, all bridges were closed. No problem for my little girl BEA – knowing about this, I had put down her rig before leaving Makkum.

Canal Frisia reed

Do you see the entrance to the next canal? I almost didn’t… until a few seconds later…

Even so I had to row, it was a nice to be on the water. A beautiful day…


Soon I would reach Kimswerd. What I didn’t know at that point was about all those problems which were meant to come from now on.


Passing thorugh Kimswerd was still quite nice. It’s a nice little village, not touristic.

Canal Frisia

Two canals – one that seemed to end, and one that let into the wrong direction. What’s wrong with the map? There should only be one! Only after choosing the wrong canal first and running aground I managed to get on the right one. Well, it had to be. But were would it lead? I could only see the next 100 meters – and then it seemed like the canal would end!

I had to get close to the “end” to realize what it was. A tree that had grown over the canal. I could reach both sides with my arms! A bigger boat would have had a hard time to get through…

Canal Witmarsum

After rowing against a strong wind for several hours with a speed close to 0 knots, I finally reached the forest. From now one, it was only a few short times headwind – and way more often with now wind or wind from behind.

Wind Mill Witmarsum

I had managed to reach Witmarsum. Half-Way to Harlingen. But a new problem had come up: There was a triathlon straight ahead and hundreds, if not thousand of swimmers in the water! What should I do? And… wasn’t there something missing on that windmill?

Canal Tow Friesland

It seemed like I wouldn’t reach Harlingen today. This would have meant that I wouldn’t reach the sea while this voyage. A thought that made me quite sad. But I was lucky – a dutch Yachtsman was willing to tow me. Thank you!

inflatable sailboat speed

I don’t thing BEA had ever been that fast before. But she is a great boat and had no problem with this insane speed of something like 4 of 5 knots…

Horse canal friesland

Like every time a passed by at this place, there were horses ashore which looked at my with their eyes. But sadly, since we were so fast, it didn’t last long.


Last village before Harlingen. Soon I would be there. And, which was even more important. I would be at sea! Smelling the salty air, feeling a strong breeze playing with my hair. Dreaming on sailing out there. Probably the last time. If everything would go the way I hoped to, the next sailing voyage would be a sea voyage…

Harlingen canal

The nice dutch crew had towed me till Harlingen. While they had to wait for a train bridge, I rowed into the city. Always a great experience, seeing all those boats and old buildings….


Finally: The last meters! The sea was just one or two minutes away! I could even smell a salty breeze!

ferry port harlingen

Since it was the closest place I could see the sea, I went to the ferry port first. Even so a dike limited the view… I was there! And it was so beautiful…

festival harlingen

Once again, there was some kind of festival in Harlingen.

Harlingen yacht club

It had been the only time on all my voyages I almost didn’t find a place to stay with my 8 foot inflatable sailboat. Almost – the harbor master and I managed to find this little spot…

Harbor Harlingen

Latter at the evening, I walked through the town to the harbor with all those traditional tall ships… beautiful, especially with such great weather. But my real goal was the sea…

Harlingen Wadden Sea

It was hours away from high tide, there was no water. But that’s part of the wadden sea experience – and I like it. Just standing there, looking out towards the sea… and making way to many photos…

Until my camera didn’t have any power left. But it was such a beautiful evening. I had managed to get to the sea at last (with some help…). This was were I belonged.

All pictures were taken at the 30th of August, 2015.

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