BEA is the Name of my first Sailboat. She is an inflatable, more of a boat for a couple of child playing with her on a little lake than anything else. But i decided she could do so much more – and she proofed me to be right! With me, she became a real cruising boat, doing cruising for weeks.

Length: 2.40 m

Width: 1.20 m

Draft: Around 0.5 m

Height: Around 3 to 4 Meters

Sail area: 5 squaremeter

Load capacity: Max 2 Person or 300 kg

Build: 1978

Color: Tubes: yellow

Wood: Grey

Sail: Red-Yellow-Blue


2 Tubes made out of Hypalon

Wooden bottom


Max Windforce, following the Builder: Windforce 4 (more is rough, but not impossible)

Can be transported with a smart.



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