On this site, you find information about stuff that has been published about Segeln ist Leben/Travnsail.

You wont to write about my voyages? Just contact me, I will be happy to help you out with information’s and photos.

Right now, everything published about my voyages in the press and other blogs is in german. I would be happy to change that.



Segelreporter (09/15)

I wrote an Post form my Blog about what I learned from cruising with BEA. The Magazin liked it that much, that they asked if they could also publish it on there page. Well, I said yes (even so I had some conditions). They published it a few days later, with some really nice words about my blog.


Yacht (07/15)

The first interview I gave was for the big German sailing magazine Yacht. A journalist drove all the way to Bad Kreuznach, not just for the interview but also for an photoshoot. It was a lot of fun and at the end, the magazine printed a view pages about my voyages. The Article was published in the Yacht 15/15


Other Blogs:


Steffistraumzeit (06/15)


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