Hello and welcome to my blog!

My Name is Sebastian and i’m a young, german sailor. I’ve started sailing in August 2012 with 19 years and haven’t stopped loving it since. Most of my experience i’ve made with open sailboats, but for a couple of days in 2012, i had the opportunity to sail on a 30” Sailing vessel.

Soon after i started sailing, i moved to munich. While my year in the south, i sailed upon the Ammersee, Starnberger See and Chiemsee. After one year i moved to Bad Kreuznach where i still live.

In July, 2014 i bought my first own sailboat – BEA. Since i’ve got her, i have sailed a lot on little lakes near by. Beside that, i also have been cruising with her two times for two weeks each. First time was August/September 2014, the second time in march 2015. I’ve started blogging on my german sailing blog in October 2014. In july 2015, i decided to translate my blog and all the stuff coming up soon and start an english sailing blog as well.

To me, sailing is more than just a way to move from A to B – it’s a way of life. And, since i’m kind of chatty, i use this blog to tell about the stuff i do to everybody listening.

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